Friday, December 2, 2011

Cebu Chicharon

I am not a fan of chicharon but I know a lot of people who are.  I remember my Grandma used to have a can of chicharon on her headboard, my mom used to buy a plastic sack of chicharon in Pampanga, my Ate loves chicharon and my friends and my relatives and mostly everybody!

Do you know how my family eats chicharon? They would scoop out the fat from the rind.... No ... they will not throw it away but EAT it and discard the rind! Goodness!!!!! 

I never did enjoy a fatty chicharon until today.  My friend from Cebu gave me chicharon from Liloan.

As soon as I took my first bite .... well ..... what can I say?

It was love at first bite!!!!

Have you ever eaten chicharon that melts in your mouth that you do not have to chew to eat it?

The fat was like butter, the rind was really airy-crunchy and not like the other chicharon I have eaten, very hard that you need a hammer to break it into pieces. 

I saw some browned garlic skin so I am assuming it was fried with garlic?  And the salt content! Perfect for me!  Hahahahaha  MSG perhaps?

I have been converted. Cebu Lechon or Cebu Chicharon from Liloan?  Would choose the latter, hands down.  LOL  But what do I know?  There might be other delicious chicharon TABA out there I need to try.  Hmmmmm BAD, BAD, BAD idea to do chicharon tasting!!!!  My mistake, I should have asked for a BIG can!

POSINGs Chicharon
Poblacion, Liloan, Cebu

(My friend went all the way to Liloan to buy the chicharon and said it might be hard to find because it is just a small non-descript place, so maybe try calling them and ask how to order and ship to Manila.)



  1. my sis would love that!! she just got a pack from Slers :D

  2. Hi, pinkcookies! Tell your sister next time to look for this brand of chicharon.