Monday, September 19, 2011

Phoenix Court, Bellevue Hotel

Yesterday was the 5th death anniversary of my Mom.  We truly miss her and we know she wanted us to celebrate in her name.  I think it is only in the Philippines where we celebrate the death anniversary of our loved ones.  We also went to Manila Memorial to say a few prayers. 

My Ate invited us for lunch at Phoenix Court in Bellevue Hotel, Alabang.  We had the dim sum all you can eat.

As usual, I only got my favorite dimsum and I did not eat anything fried.  When I gave my list to the waiter, he said I could not possibly finish all!!!!  Well ... I told him I could and just to serve everything.  But then, in the end he combined all our orders so there was no demarcation of ownership!!!

I am the only one who ordered chicken feet.

My family said EWWWW  hahahaha.  The first time I had it was when I wan in HK with Celina and Jing and her family.  Tito Ogot ordered probably all the dimsum in the restaurant we so could try them all.  He was the first one who introduced me to chicken feet.

I tried the steamed spareribs.

Steamed sio long pao

Shrimp wanton noodle soup.  The broth was very flavorful.

Baked Barbecue pastry.

Sharks fin dumplings.

Steamed scallops.  It arrived at our table smoking hot!  Hahahaha As you can see.


Butch ordered the noodles...

and the sio pao.

Tita Portia had the ham suy kok.

Gilly ordered the crispy shrimp balls.

Others had the mango sago cream for dessert while I got the almond lychee.

I forgot to take a close up shot of the pork siomai but it was not my favorite. 

The dimsum was good but then we all felt sleepy after lunch!   There were still a lot of choices from the menu but we did not order anymore because we might not be able to finish.

If it is a choice between Phoenix or Lili .... Lili would win hands down, in my opinion.   My bench mark is the sio mai.  Whenever I eat dim sum in restaurants ... I always order sio mai, if it is good then the rest is also good.

Still ..  had a great time with my family and the food was all right.... it is worth your money especially if you have a huge appetite!

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