Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mona!

This birthday lunch was a work in progress since several months ago.  Mona and I would always talk on the phone and discuss about our favorite food.  She said, she is turning 45, she wanted to have a party with her friends. 

We ordered  Lechon for the gang from Ping Ping.  We always use the magic password, we would look for Bong and say:  Mrs. Alonzo said to give us a nice little pig with lots of fat and crispy skin.  Also, we want extra chicharon giveaways.  TADA!!!  And magic it was......

The Lechon  was just enough for us and we even had left overs  ....

The chicharon was glistening in vetsin and salt!!!  YUM!!! hahahahaha

Mona served our favorite Fried Hito.

She bought pancit palabok from Little Quiapo in BF....  another yuummmmm.

The burong mangga was made with beer!!!   LOL  Jing thought it was Maggi Noodle soup.

 Salted eggs.

She asked me to make lumpiang ubod for her.

Tita Cena, the mom of Mona cooked Lengua with cream sauce. 

Tita Letty, (Mrs. Alonzo = Magic password) cooked Adobong alimango for Mona!!!!

I suppose this was the highlight of my lunch.  I could not decide if it was the lechon or the alimango.  The sauce was pure crab fat!!!!  Jing could not finish a teaspoonful of crab fat and she asked me if I wanted it,  I replied... do you want me to die!!!!

The alimango was to die for!!!!   Corry said when you eat the aligue, you will become closer to God!  Hahahahaha!  My friends really have a strange sense of humor.

The favorite dessert of Mona is Sansrival.

Sansrival from Dumaguete.

Sansrival from Mon who got it from Moms and Tinas.

Instead of the usual Buko Pandan, Mona experimented with White Salad - buko shreds, buko-lychee gelatin, nata de coco and cream.

Everybody was so full!!  I even asked Tita Cena for Lipitor... hahaha my dessert.

And we all took our blood pressure after lunch!!!  hahahaha  They thought I would have the highest score!!!   I never had a problem with my cholesterol nor bp... sugar is my waterloo.  Tita Letty was the winner, followed by Jing, then by Mon.

I recently posted about the Sparkle ( LOL  we pronounce it as SPARKOL) I have lost.  Mona was hoping and hoping that with her birthday lunch it will find its way back to into my voice and create a twinkle in my eyes.

What does this picture tell you?

Have I finally regained the Sparkle I have lost?

Thank you Mona for the delicious lunch!  Your friends love you and we all wish you turn another year sooner!!!  Hahahaha!  So we can eat again!

Happy Birthday, Mona!


  1. Yep! Its back alright.:)

  2. im gald you're glowing again lia. thank you guys for making my birthday so special. i love you all. til next year.

  3. Wish I was there Monski... Love you!....your wan and onli pinsan, Jing

  4. oops sorry, 2 pala kaming pinsan na Jing... the other Jing na malayo sa inyo.