Thursday, September 29, 2011

And yet.... I lost a few inches

I have been sick these past few days with a bad case of the stomach flu so I tried not to eat oily food.  I healed myself by drinking peppermint tea and eating boiled sweet camote and bananas.  NO medicines!!!  And the most wonderful thing about it ... I lost a couple of inches around my waist!

PD (Tita Portia) would always invite me to dine out.  I told her I was sick so we better eat in places where the food is not too greasy.

We went to Sumo Sam in Rockwell, we had the ....

Grilled Salmon Belly

and a BIG bowl of Sukiyaki.

During Typhoon Pedring we had a power outage... best place to cool off was in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.  My stomach was feeling a little bit braver so I told PD I wanted to eat Pizza.

Tried the Pizza at Burgoo ...  uh ohhhh  my stomach was not that well so I just had a couple of slices of pizza ...

... and Butterly Prawns.

Yesterday our lunch was at IMC Kavino along Jupiter St.

They gave complimentary salad...

We ordered Hot and sour soup

Deep Fried taro Puff with Japanese Salad filling

Mini Chicken Buns

Siomai - I loved it!  I do not need to go to Binondo anymore to enjoy my favorite dim sum.

Seafood Pancit Canton

We were not that contended with our lunch, we moved to the next door resto, Meylin, and ate vegetable lumpia.

Tonight, PD invited me again for dinner but I said I ate already before going home.  I told her there was this new restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue called Savoy Bistro.  They just opened last September 16.

I just ordered French Onion Soup with Raclette.

PD had the lobster soup.

They also gave complimentary appetizers...

and freshly baked bread.  So soft and delicious.

The main course of PD was Lamb Shank braised in wine with rissotto and vegetables.  I tried a bit and it was very tender.

For our dessert, we just shared an order of Swedish Pancakes.  YUMMMMM!!!  

Crepe like pancakes with cream, fresh strawberries slices drizzled with honey.

The bistro has a special private dining room.  The Chef, Robert Lilja (Swedish) said it can accommodate up to 16... or 8 or 4 or even two.

I just went to the ladies room and when I came out ... I heard him telling Tita Portia he would find a date for her!  It was a .... WHAT THE .......   !?!?!!!  moment.  Hahahahahaha   I asked PD what was that all about.

When the Chef said he can arrange a dinner for two, PD said ... she needed to find a date first.  Then the charming Chef said .... I will find a date for you.   HMPHHHHH!!!!!   Hahahahahaha  Way to go PD!!!!

Despite all the food I have been eating lately, my shorts are now looser by about 2 inches ... it even fell to the floor when I was in the fitting room of Metro Gaisano Department store.  When I was in Boracay for my birthday last month, my shorts were really tight, I thought I was going to get gangrene from lack of circulation!  Maybe it also helped I stopped eating rice.  Let us see if I can lose more inches!!!  Wish me luck!

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