Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Treats around the Metropolis

I have several pictures in my camera I have not posted in my blog because they can not stand alone as a story if I post it one by one.  So I will just compile the surprise treats I found around the Metropolis.

A few weeks ago, I went to Robinson's Galleria with Celine.  We tried The Banana Pop.

It is  frozen banana dipped in chocolate and rolled in your choice of either sprinkles, nuts, etc.

I remember Mayette told me about the Hainanese Chicken at Robinson's.  I thought it was in Ermita but saw it in Galleria.

Hainanese Delights

I liked their Hainanese Chicken because it was moist and not bloody.

It came with unlimited Hainan rice.


Plus as much sauce as you like, ginger-garlic, soy and chili.

We also ordered the barbecue chicken!  I like it even better than Aristocrat's.  Will definitely come back for it.

Another discovery in the metropolis is the Ice Ice Baby from California Berry at Waltermart, Pasong Tamo. 

I really loved the milk flavored shaved ice but next time will tell them not to add condensed milk/sauce because it was too sweet for me.

Celine and I had merienda at Sweet Bella, Burgos Circle yesterday.  Her sister, Gina, gave us a voucher.  We had the Mushroom Pizza with oyster, button, shitake and winsu mushrooms.  I normally do not eat pizzas but I could have gobbled down the entire pie! We also tried their blueberry pancake and the pastry, Heaven.

Very cute butterfly chocolate!  It was a little too sweet for me only because I am diabetic.  I am sure other people will find it all right.

Tita Portia ate at La Mesa, Megamall the other day and she wanted me to try the Prawns Sauteed in red eggs.

We had dinner last night at their Greenbelt 5 branch.

Prawns sauteed in red eggs.

We also ordered the 700 gr. Pan-fried Seabass with Latik.

Tita Portia  liked the "burong" (I guess?) Mangga Salad.

Sometimes I would whine to my friends that I am so fat and I will never lose weight and my clothes do not fit me anymore.  But I tempt myself all the time whenever I go out and try everything that is new in my eyes and  palate.  Do I want one day not to have the appetite and passion?  I do not know.  For now .... will just enjoy with family and friends.  Hahaha  I am also very delighted by the fact that my friends and family are getting "healthier" every time they eat with me!

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