Thursday, March 7, 2013

See You Soon, Pinky!

Whenever Pinky is in town, we always have a get together. She is our "excuse"! She just arrived and she is leaving again for the US but she will be back this April! Yippee! Another reason to eat!

I am very fortunate I have friends who love to eat and enjoy my cooking! Imagine if I have all this talent and passion and I do not have people to feed?!?!?

My friends ordered food from me and they just divided the cost amongst themselves.

I have 2 sets of friends.... The "carnivores" and the "herbivores". My friends tonight belong to the latter.

Their favorite from my repertoire is the Fresh Vegan Lumpiang Hubad.

They also liked the braised beef. I cooked it Lengua style.

My new experiments for tonight are:

Baked Shrimps.... I used my Baked Tahong recipe.


Bangus Belly Salpicao. Pinky loves bangus very much.

I thought this recipe in my mind would work and I think it did.... According to my friends!

Bangus Belly Salpicao

1 K. Boneless Bangus Belly

Salt and pepper

1 head garlic, crushed

2 T. Olive oil

1/4 C. Magnolia Gold butter

1/4 C. Knorr seasoning

1T. Lea Perrins

Season the bangus belly with salt and pepper. Fry until golden brown and set aside.

Heat the olive oil, add the butter then the garlic. Fry until the garlic is light brown.

Add the Knorr seasoning and Lea Perrins. Let It boil for 10 seconds and pour over the fried fish.

Pinky ordered from Amber's:

Crispy Pata

Pichi Pichi with cheese.

We are all crazy about Candy Crush Saga!

I am now at Level 70, thanks to my proxy players, Jodie and Mona! I used to enjoy it when it was still easy to play.... But now it is sooooo difficult! Imagine? Jopet is at Level 205!!!!!!

Tricia just started playing, she thought the goal of the game was to clear all the RED jelly beans! Good thing "Teacher Marta" was in attendance tonight to give her some lessons.

Oh my Goodness! How will I ever lose weight if I keep on eating with friends all the time!

I am just so happy tonight! I love my friends and enjoy their company very much!

Hahahaha! Even if they are of the "herbivore" persuasion!



  1. Thank you lia for preparing us delicious food. You make us very happy. :)

    1. You are welcome, Mona! Truly.... It is always a pleasure to cook for you guys.

  2. Too bad I missed it. I'm sure food is as usual yummy. Just promise me we will have the same menu on April Lia.


  3. Lia, what exactly is Knorr Seasoning in this recipe? Would it be comparable to vegetable stock or broth?

    1. Barbs, Knorr is liquid seasoning. Do you have it there?