Saturday, June 5, 2010

Table for Two at San Jacinto in Libis

Last night I was craving for Lumpiang Shanghai. I even made for dinner, I bought ground pork in Rustan's Rockwell but when I cooked it, the meat inside was beige... I wanted the meat to be on the pinkish side, just like what I ate at Wanam in Bataan.

Tita Portia has been asking me to take her to Panciteria San Jacinto in C5 Libis. Senior citizens like the old fashioned style of Chinese cooking... once in a while they want to go down memory lane. So ... this morning when I woke up I told her we will be having lunch at San Jacinto! hehehehe I didn't tell her I have a lumpiang shanghai obsession.

She told me to order anything I like and she said she will also order a lot because she will bring it home, store and eat for her dinner for the next few days. She is up to her neck of Makati food that she wanted something different for a change.
Good thing the restaurant has a serving size called "poquito", good for 1-2 persons.

We really do have a bad habit at looking at other people's table and what they ordered. Tita said... Look, Lia! They must have a celebration or something! They ordered a lot of food. Then I answered : Auntie!!! Don't you call this a celebration also?!?!?!? The waiters had a hard time trying to fit all the dishes on our table!

This is quite a long narration of what we ate .... so here it goes.......

Assorted coldcuts with century egg, Chinese sausage, seaweeds, lechon Macau , asado and pata jamon.

Tita Portia had the San Jacinto soup with seafood, century egg and vegetables.

I ordered the hototay, it was a bit "soupy" but that's what I like. Lots of meat and veggies.

Fried Rice with asado and Chinese sausage.

Crab foo yung.

Beef with Ampalaya

San Jacinto Noodles

Pinsec frito with Shrimps

My craving! Lumpiang Shanghai!!!! The ground pork was pink!

Tita Portia's craving, Camaron Rebosado con Jamon. Why is it thick? Because it has a big chunk of pork fat!

Stuffed Shrimp - their version of Shrimp relleno

Siopao - Bola Bola and Asado
I just brought home my share because I was so full already.

Tita Portia ordered a small serving of pata jamon.

She liked the Lechon Macau very much that she ordered for dine in and another order for take out.

That was a good lunch! Yes! I was able to satisfy my Lumpiang Shanghai craving! I just have a little problem now, I feel so full and stuffed! I couldn't get up from bed to get ready to go to the gym!!! I have to go! I just have to go today!!! XXXXXX (amount of calories I consumed for lunch) minus XX (amount of calories I know I'm only going to burn at the gym) = Yikes!!!! negative XXXX !!!!! Why can't it be the other way around?!?!?!? hahahahaha I know why and I'm sure the whole world knows why also.

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