Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Favorite......

I love Filipino Beefsteak but it took me years and years and years before I got the taste I have been looking for.

I was feeling a bit better today. I think my allergies have something to do with the weather. When it is bright and sunny, I am OK but when it is cloudy and overcast, that is when my allergies become worse.

Today was market day for me at Farmer's in Cubao. I bought so much! I think it is enough to last me for a week.

I got the Beef Sirloin from my "suki", Gil. I asked him to divide into 1/4 K packs because I do not cook much when it is only for me and Hermie.

Very, very happy because I have perfected my Filipino Beefsteak!

Gil taught me that when cooking beef sirloin, whether it is tapa or beef steak, to just stir fry it quickly and not to lay it flat on the frying pan or else it will become tough and rubbery. True enough, I followed his advice. I also bought giant kalamansi! When I buy them in the supermarket, they are not as juicy. So my beefsteak now has the right balance of tartness and saltiness.

Another favorite of mine is Pork Siomai. Look! They almost look like "the real thing"!

I was able to buy round, yellow Siomai wrapper from the stall of Beth. It came from Lingnam and the boy said, restaurants always buy from them. I already assembled the Siomai and put them in the freezer for our Saturday lunch. I hope they taste as good as they look!



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