Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chinese Lunch

I was going to type, Chinese Lunch with the Girls, but we have a "Boy" in our eating group now!

Our food was mostly ordered or bought, only Jing and Michelle were brave enough to cook.

I bought the Rellenong Camaron in Chinatown yesterday.

Corry sponsored 2 orders of Braised Pancit Canton from Lutong Macau, Jupiter.

Mona bought Siomai and Asado Siopitos from Nathaniel's. She even borrowed the bamboo steamer from Michelle and the red tablecloth from her cousin.

Tita Cena's contribution was Almond Lychee.

Michelle cooked Braised Short Ribs with Carrots.

She texted me that it was a little toasted but at least the meat was tender.

Jing's big production was the fried rice!

We even went to Cubao last week to buy the Chinese take away boxes.

Mon brought Custard and Macapuno Tarts.

He also brought several giant pan de sal!

We had TWG's Chocolate Earl Grey to cap our meal. Mona and Corry brought the tea.

Our entertainment for the day was " Mah Jong".

I suddenly missed my Grandma. When I was 9 year old, she taught me how to play Mah Jong. Since then, every Holy Week, that was the family's activity. When we wake up in the morning, the Mah Jong table is set already with a mound of coins on each place setting!

She would always provide, am snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks! On Good Fridays, we had to pause playing at 3:00 pm, that was the hour Jesus died and then play again at 3:01! You could say that was our family bonding time. At 9 years old, I was already known as the Mah Jong Queen because I could win 7 consecutive times.

My friends and I played a few rounds.

No cash involved because we were teaching Jing and Mona. Jing suggested next time we use M&M'S!

This summer, I have to teach my nieces and nephew how to play so I have playmates! They live in the portable electronic world, it is about time to teach them to play with other people.

Any takers????

Play with me and I will feed you merienda! Hahaha!

It does not matter what kind of food we have, whether it is fancy and elaborate or simple and take away... What matters most is that we are all together - having fun and enjoying our food.



  1. those chinese take away boxes are so cute! where in cubao did you buy them? nice to see wriggly too... hihihi!

    1. Hi Vicky! We bought the take away boxesvar Daisi/American Bazaar in Cubao.
      Wriggly says Hi!