Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Death by Tablea

My friends and I had a Death by Tablea date today.

I checked in the internet and they have branches is SM Mall of Asia and SM  North.  We left early so we could go around Trinoma and eat our lunch. Not exciting because we were saving our appetite for the cake. Just had spareribs, shrimp cheong fan and wanton noodles at Le Ching and for merienda,  Nachos, Burrito and Tacos at Taco Bell.

While walking around, we stopped by Sebastian,s, my favorite ice cream.

I wanted the butter pecan but since we are celebrating our Independence Day this month, their theme was Filipino.  There were different flavors: Sapin-Sapin,

Pina, Fruit Rainbow, Banana Que, Ginataan, I can not remember the others but we tried the Tibok Tibok Ice Cream.

We were so surprised because it tasted like real Tibok Tibok, complete with the "latik"!

The ice cream was a combination of coconut cream and coconut juice and I loved the consistency ... smooth and creamy and not too sweet. Before you say EWWWW   try it first.

There is  a bridgeway from Trinoma to SM North, when we got to SM we inquired from the information desk where Chocolat was.  The woman said, Chocolat closed already! ACCCKKKK!!!!

Good thing we were able to ask the Ate of Celine, Gina, where the other branches were located.  The nearest was the Sgt. Esguerra Ave. branch.

It was very near Trinoma and it only took about 5 minutes to get there.  We ordered a slice of the following:

Death by Tablea

You could really taste the tablea in the icing.



Everybody's favorite was the Death by Tablea.  Celine, Jing and Mona liked the Hazelnut 2nd best.  For me, my 2nd best was the Caramel.

There are other branches of Chocolat, Loyola and in Addition Hills.  We could have gone to their San Juan branch but we would have missed out on our window shopping at Trinoma and I bought acrylic paints at Deovir in SM North.  I am about to start painting again.  My first project is a seascape, Boracay, of course.

After consuming all those deadly chocolate cake slices, our palate was hankering for something salty.  In the same location of Chocolat was JT's Manukan.  Hahahaha  Funny ... after our "dessert", we had Grilled Chicken and garlic rice!

Everybody liked my "sawsawan" (dipping sauce) and I told them it was just a combination of soy sauce, calamansi and vinegar.

I am very fortunate my friends and I could go on our food trips.  Our lifestyle allows us to travel around the city (and even out of town sometimes) to satisfy our cravings.  We all love to eat and discover different places.  Our tastes are simple, nothing too gourmet nor extravagant. We are always willing to indulge someone's desire du jour.  Death by Tablea was Celine's and Jing's.

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  1. omg, i love CHOCOLAT!! my faves are the deep dark classic, death by table and the best carrot cake-- choco carrot cake!! :D