Saturday, November 11, 2017

Seafood Spaghetti In Tomato Sauce

I saw a picture of a seafood pasta dish and I experimented today.

Kuya had 2 servings, I let Pinky and FGM try a bit.  Pinky said it tasted like the pasta dish she used to eat at Giovanni's, an Italian restaurant in some of the RCCL ships.

I did not like it so much because I only cooked the noodles for 10 minutes!

My normal pasta cooking time is 15-16 minutes.

Hahahahaha. You can imagine my disappointment when the pasta was a little bit chewy. I want my noodles mushy.

But they said it was good, so I am sharing the recipe in my blog.

Next time I cook it, the timing of the noodles will be longer.

Seafood Spaghetti In Tomato Sauce

1/4 K. shrimps, shelled
1/4 K. clams, soaked in water
1/4 K. mussels, soaked in water and cleaned of any part that is not edible (drain before cooking)
2 T. olive oil for the seafood
2 T. olive oil for sauteing
6 cloves garlic, sliced
1 onion, chopped
1 T. chili flakes
1 Knorr Chicken cube
1 t. sugar
1 can Contadina Diced Tomatoes
180 gr, spaghetti noodles
Italian parsley leaves, chopped for garnishing

Puree the diced tomatoes with an immersion blender or regular blender.

Before you cook the sauce, start cooking the noodles first.  Sauce and noodles should be cooked simultaneously.

Heat a frying pan. Add 2 T. olive oil. Cook the shrimps for a minute on each side then set aside.

In the same pan, cook the clams and cover it for 3-5 minutes or until the clams open. Set aside.

Repeat the procedure for the mussels then set aside.

*save the liquid from the shellfish

In another pan, heat the olive oil then saute the garlic and onions until soft and fragrant. 

Add the chili flakes then the pureed tomatoes, chicken cube and liquid from shellfish.

Season with sugar.

When the noodles are cooked, save 1/2 c. pasta water.

 Drain the noodles and add to the sauce together with the pasta water and pre-cooked seafood.

Cook until the sauce has been absorbed by the noodles.

And it's done!

I usually follow the no-cheese rule when eating pasta with seafood.

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