Saturday, March 14, 2015

Windjammer in Makati

Windjammer is a restaurant outlet in the Royal Carribean Cruise liners. It is my favorite place to eat breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and midnight snack!

My cruisemates and I have not seen each other since our trip!

Everybody has been busy but we found time tonight.

We were imagining that we were at Windjammer again.

Dra Cristina and Doc Bernie hosted our get together.

They cooked Laksa....

I loved it! I prefer it over the ones I tasted in Singapore.

Shrimps with Mushrooms

And they asked me to buy Bangus Belly and their cook fried it to perfection after Mona marinated it.

Jodie brought 2 packs of very crunchy Okoy!

Mona cooked Ginataang Mais.

Pinky brought ensaymada and Cheeseroll.

Miko and I shared the cost of the Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

And... Thai Fish Cakes!

Fish Cakes

1/2 K. Sole fillet, chopped finely

3 T. Coconut cream

3 T. Tiparos Fish Sauce

1 t. Brown sugar

1 t. Thai chili flakes

2 T. Wansuy, chopped

2 T. Spring onions, chopped

1 T. Ginger, grated

6 kaffir lime leaves, sliced into thin ribbonlike strips.

1 C. Panko breadcrumbs

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Wet your hands and form into patties.

Refrigerate for an hour.

Deep fry in hot oil.

Serve with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Garnish with wansuy leaves and cucumber slices at the bottom of the serving dish.

It was a new experiment! They all loved it. My tenants helped me make the fish cakes!

We had fruits for appetizers...

I opened their refrigerator to store my uncooked fish cakes and I loved what was in it!

Lots and lots and lots of chocolates!

Dra. Cristina said I can choose one to eat for dessert!

Cadbury's Marvelous Creations!

She also ordered one box of Chocolates Crinkles in ADB.

She brought out her stash of cookies/biscuits and Hot Chocolate.

We are already planning our next get away!

Hope we can go on another cruise again next year so we can ask Pinky to have shirts printed with our names on it!

When? When? When? And Where to?








  1. Hi! Where can we find the okoy? Thanks a lot!

    1. You can buy the Okoy in Little Quiapo restaurant, BF Paranaque.