Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lenten Week

I know one should fast and abstain during Holy Week.

I preferred not to but rather did some corporal works of mercy.

Instead of not doing this or that or not eating this and that, I did some things that I know that God would appreciate.

I only abstain on 2 occasions, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

After justifying the not fasting and abstaining I can now say that I am very happy because I was able to eat a whole chocolate bar without sharing!

Good thing I had on stock chocolate from Switzerland given by my friend.  I was so envious to death of all the chocolates Tita Jit has been posting in FB when she was in Lucerne.

Sophie's birthday always falls on Holy Week.  It was her 18th birthday and she celebrated it with a few friends and family.

Staycation at Discovery Primea.

2 Br. suite.  I really loved the place.  We did not want to leave when it was time to go home.

Black Saturday, I had a lunch date with Jing and Mariger.  We ate at Ooma.

It is a rare occasion that we get to see each other.  We have been planning this for weeks!

Aburi Scallops and Tuna

Gyoza with Cheese

Ebi Tempura

Hanger Steak

Thank you for the company, "gels"!

PD and I went to the Easter Vigil mass in the evening.  Good thing it was such a short, short mass in Sta. Rosa unlike last year in Powerplant mall where I almost fainted because it was too long.  I get dizzy when the priest goes on and on and on.  I should get a fidget box and bring it to mass.

We are so lucky that the Saturday Anticipated Mass in our village clubhouse is so short!  With singing and a concise homily, it usually lasts for 40 minutes only. Wonderful!!!

Easter Sunday lunch with PD was at Bornga Korean Restaurant in Alphaland.

My Lenten Week was full of activities.

My friends have been asking me why I do not post as often as before anymore.  I eat the same things over and over and go to the same restaurants all the time.  I have a few favorites and do not want to post the same subjects.

Also..... wait for it.....

I am lazy!

For me, writing is a hobby.  I do not earn from it but I enjoy writing.  I do not want to put pressure on myself to come up with something to post because then it would not be fun anymore.

Pet Chronicles

I love pets even if they are not mine!

Mariger has a new poodle.

It is very cute and small!  Brandy looks like a stuffed toy!  I love her already!

Snowball should have her own blog and Instagram account.  I think she has several followers in IG!

She is Sophia's dog but I take care of it for her.

I do not want to say she is mine because she is not!

Hahahahaha! I do not want to claim ownership.  Kuya is still the owner.  He pays for the food, grooming and Vet fees!

So... no... Snow ball is not mine.  I am just her caretaker.

Snowball is becoming an expert in posing for a selfie.

Literally, Woke up like this!

Sometimes, in the morning I am not ready to wake up yet.  I would cover myself with a pillow.

Snowball has this great idea if she jumps up and down on my pillow that I would get up already!

I also bought her a small wading pool so she can cool off this summer.

I love Snowball!!!!

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