Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Pinky, My Travel And Eating Buddy!

Happy Birthday Pinky!!!

Pinky is my travel buddy.  Whenever we travel, we eat!

Our favorite destination is Boracay!

She loves Puka Beach!

Our next favorite destination is Cebu.

We have been to several trips to nearby Asian countries.


Hong Kong, China

Shanghai, China

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phuket, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Fukuoka, Japan

We went on a cruise twice....

Mariner Of the Seas

Quantum Of the Seas

She studied cooking and baking from me.  A very good student, sometimes.

The Ka Escapades celebrated Pinky's birthday last Saturday in my Ate's house in Marcelo Green where Pinky is also building a house from scratch.

We thought of a nautical theme and Pinky's only surprise was the decors because it was not a surprise party.

I feel so blessed that I have a buddy who enjoys traveling and enjoys eating, as well.

But lately, she has been on a diet!


Pre Lia - her body before she started traveling and eating with me.

Post Lia - her body now!

Hehehehe  She asked me a few weeks ago what to eat if she gets hungry.  I told her she can eat a salad.

Potato Salad!  Hihihihi

Alex and Dodai were shaking their heads when I told them about it!  They told Pinky I was sabotaging her efforts!

Not true.  I am very supportive! Promise! I swear!

Kidding aside....

She knows that I am always here for her.  She deserves all the love and support from her friends and family.

Pinky is such a wonderful person, very kind and generous especially to her loved ones.

I thank God that I get to travel and eat with her all the time!

To more future food journeys, Pinky!!!

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