Friday, February 3, 2017

Eileen's And CNY Celebrations

It was Eileen's birthday a few days ago.

We surprised her with a birthday cake when we had a get together at Mona's house in Alabang.

I also baked her favorite Cinnamon rolls and put it inside a Tikoy box since we were also celebrating Chinese New Year last Saturday.

Eileen is my childhood friend.  I remember she used to go to our house to help me with my art projects when I was in the 4th grade.  I also used to eat at their house during our lunch break.  I would just walk along with her until she reaches her home.

Now, I am so embarrassed by all the lunch raids I did!

Eileen is one of the nicest persons I know in the entire world!

Hahahahaha my world consists of my "maldita" friends.

I am just so happy we were able to reconnect again.

She was also my food photographer during our CNY celebration.

I was too busy playing mah jong with Jodie, Eric, Alex and Pinky!

Dodai and Cristina were observing how the game was played.

We just ordered food for the merienda cena.

Pancit from Toho

Lumpiang Shanghai (Toho)

Yang Chow (Toho)

We bought frozen Nathaniel Siomai and Jodie's Ate Mayet steamed it for us.

They asked me to cook Steamed Chicken with Black Mushrooms and Chinese Sausage eaten together with the cuapao bread.

And... Steamed Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce.

I just realized the color of all our food was brown!

We all divided the cost among ourselves.

I assigned Eileen and Dodai to bring ice, soda and fresh cut up fruits.

I love playing Mah jong!!!

It was so chilly in Alabang!  I hope we could do this again next January, Mona!

Pinky even brought the "chikitings"!

Hahahaha Zoe was watching a youtube video beside me.  I could not concentrate on my game strategy so I told her if she watches the video with the sound on high, she will lose battery power fast.

So... since then... she would watch the video on low volume!

Good thinking on my part!

Thank you everybody! Gio was also our photographer.

Dodai, Alex, Lia, Jodie, Eric, Pinky, Doc Bernie (standing), Carrie, Cristina, Eileen and Mona.

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