Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Guests

2017 just started and my house already welcomed several guests!

Then later on in the evening of January 1, Trisha came back with her best friend, Viveca.

Good thing Mariger was able to join us the next day, as well!

She even slept over! That is a very rare occurrence.

Our food for the first few days of the year:

Cakes from Trisha and Viveca

Rico's spicy Lechon

Bagoong given by Miko for the Kare-Kare I cooked.

There was also Lumpiang shanghai.

Tita Jit even cooked Coconut Chicken Soup

Green Chicken Curry

Sisig, Thai style

Ground Beef with Basil and Lime (no photo)

Dining out with the guests.... merienda at Cafe Via Mare



Puto Bumbong

Lumpiang Ubod


Breakfast at Aristrocat

I ordered the 3-pc. Chicken BBQ

Send Off Brunch for Tita Jit and Ryan.....

Pork Embutido

I love the pan de sal which Jing buys from their neighborhood bakery.

CDO Holiday Premium Ham, my favorite.  Ryan and Tita Jit liked it also.  They bought 2 to bring home to Bangkok.

Arroz ala Cubana

I baked Sans Rival for Ryan.

Tita Jit wanted to meet Pinky so we invited her over.

Then it was time for Tita Jit and Ryan to go home.

Our last words were.... See you in Bangkok!

After they left, a new set of guests came to the house!

Hahahaha Kuya asked, Is your house a Victory Liner Bus Station?

When one leaves, another group replaces the ones who left!

I asked Doc Bernie and Tricia to have dinner with us.

The next night, I was alone except for the company of Snowball.

I asked Pinky to come over, when she said yes, I immediately assembled cuapao for our midnight snack.

And... baked Sans Rival! It is getting easier and easier each time.

I only used 3 eggs for the mini Sans Rival and the Hamilton Beach stick blender which Dodai gave me.

It turned out pretty good!

Pinky slept over to keep me and Snowball company.

On the 5th day of January.....

I invited Dodai, Doc Bernie and Doc Cristina for lunch!

Our menu:

Bagoong Fried Rice.

Lechon Bones Sinigang

Tinapang Bangus

Pinky and I ordered chicken from Savory.

Dodai baked Cranberry, white chocolate and Macadamia bars!

Doc and Dra brought dessert!

It was a tiring first days of the week for Hermie but then she gets to rest when I go on trips.

Plus... she loves my friends and my friends love her, as well.

After indulging in greasy fare these past few days, I cooked something healthy.

Homemade Fresh Lumpiang Ubod.

I used my ceramic pan for the wrapper and it worked like magic!

I wish I have guests all the time but of course, I need to give Hermie a rest.

Hahahaha My house is not a Victory Liner bus station.... it just seems like it is.

One of the sources of my happiness is inviting friends and cooking for them.

I started the year right!

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