Thursday, January 26, 2017

In And Out Of The Sick Bed

I have not been posting lately because I have been sick.

In and out of the sick bed.  I just have 2 antibiotic tablets left and then I think, I will be okay.

As usual, it started as a head cold, then my Eustachian tubes were blocked.  It was very painful and I had difficulty swallowing.

I went to my ENT, Dr. Eusebio Llamas, at Makati Med.  He is very good.  He gave me prescription for decongestants, ear drops and a standby Rx for antibiotics.

I texted him last Friday to say the pain was really intense, an 8 out 10 kind of pain, so he said I can take the antibiotics already and pain medication. I was also pestering Dra. Cristina about the pain and told her was I was crying already.

The next day, I still had to cook for our family lunch.

Shanghai Fried Rice

And Steamed Spareribs with Black Beans.  (recipe)

My family loved it.

Hermie cooked the rest of our lunch because I was not feeling well.

Later in the afternoon, I attended the homecoming  mass with my classmates and friends.

Dra. Cristina said I should stay in bed to rest and not "escape".

The next day, after a long rest in bed, I escaped again to have dinner with FGM, Billy and Pinky at Texas Roadhouse, Uptown Mall.

As long as I am on pain medication, I could go out.  Plus, since I am dining out, I do not have to cook my food, ergo, it is still considered rest, right?

Hihihi Pilosopo

In the evening I was coughing so hard I decided to take cetirizine!  Dra. Corry heard the quality of my cough the night before so I knew I am already suffering from asthma allergy.

Dra. Cristina and Dr. Llamas  asked me how I knew what was wrong with me.  I told them I diagnosed myself!  Hahahaha My ENT doctor was impressed, though!

When I woke up on Monday morning, I felt so much better!  I could breathe in and out without any difficulty!  It was because of the citirizine I took the night before.

Lunch date with Jing at Ippudo, Uptown!

Tita Jit said I looked slimmer in the picture.  I told her that I could not swallow food the past few days.

But then Jing said while talking to Tita Jit, "Tita, maybe in the picture she looked slimmer but I am sitting across Lia and in person, it does not seem like she lost weight!"

Hahahahaha Judge for yourself!

The next day, my lunch dates were FGM and Tita Menchit at Tenya, Market Market.

Dinner with Shey, Cat and Mona at Ippudo, Uptown.  When my throat is painful, I wrap a scarf around it.

"Welcome back, Ma'am!" Said the waitress at Ippudo!

I really love their Akamara Ramen with very soft noodles.

And sooooo..... Dra. Cristina said I am not a very good patient because I kept on "escaping".

Matigas ang ulo!

Hehehe... I am not denying it.

Thank you, Cristina, for never giving up on me even though you always say, "I give up"!

I need to get well because there are so many activities in the very near future.


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