Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tira-Misu Christmas Party

It is never ending!  The Christmas celebrations, I mean!

My friends and I just had a get together.

Dra. Cristina, Doc Bernie, Cabin mates Eric and Jodie with my cooking student, Carrie, Alex and Dodai, Nyora Mona and Pinky.

Tira-misu was our food theme.  Literally, "tira-tira".

Why not???? When all our refrigerators were overflowing with food.  We decided to bring our left-over food from Christmas to Pinky's house.

She is renting a house in Marcelo Green Village so she could watch over the house she is building in the same subdivision.  All her kitchen stuff are packed in boxes so we had to use disposable ice cream containers, plates, cups, etc.

She told us it was going to be a very informal affair.

Ohhhh my Goodness!!! The evening started with laughter and it never ended until the end of the night!

When we got to her house, we could not open the fan yet because our paper plates would fly!!!! There were only 10 plates!!!

Good thing, I asked Dodai to bring her left over paper plates and disposable cutlery from our previous party.

I brought Paksiw na Lechon  and my Pancake House Spaghetti copycat.

Mona brought rellenong bangus and Waldorf Salad.

Jodie brought Zubuchon

and asked yaya Mayet to cook the honey BBQ wings.

I loved the Chicken Pastel that Bong, Pinky's brother, cooked! I had 2 servings of rice with 2 servings of chicken pastel!

Tricia and Bernie bought ice, drinks, ice cream and buko pandan.  The fruit salad was from Pinky.

Dodai brought fresh cut up fruits.

We even had Black Velvet and Red Velvet cakes!

Topics of conversations.... so varied... from how to kill animals in different fashion i.e halal, kosher, etc from eating fresh steaming hot Monkey brain and fried live fish.  We saw the documentary about it several years ago.

From people getting sympathetic symptoms when someone is throwing up....  I did not know that Pinky felt that way when we were on our way home from Boracay one time via Kalibo.  We rode the enclosed air-conditioned ferry boat of Southwest.  Ohhhh heavens! I got so dizzy then I started throwing up when we rode the bus to Kalibo.

I almost fell from the picnic bench!  Pinky borrowed the folding picnic set of Jodie.  As I was about to sit on the bench, I underestimated it and almost fell backwards!  Good thing, Dodai was there to catch me!

Everybody was in tears whenever there was a funny story or happening.

It was just a night of never ending fun and laughter!

They were planning a trip to Baguio but I said I would have to pass on that because I was afraid of ghosts!  They plan on renting a big house for everybody.  They wanted me to cook but I said, I do not want to sleep in Baguio! Then they suggested I do a day trip!  Everyday!

We did not want the night to end but some of them have to go to work tomorrow.

I just love these people!

If you want to laugh and lose your voice, hang out with us!  I pity Alex and Dodai because our voices were so loud!

I think Pinky will get an eviction notice tomorrow.

Thank you so much Pinky for having us over!  Our next event in Marcelo will be your house blessing!!!

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