Friday, December 23, 2016

How To Be Madam

Madam is my pet name given by the Ka Escapades.  I don't know why but I have a fairly good idea.

Hahahaha!  If not Madam, my other name is "hard time".  What can I do?  I need so many things all the time.  When we went on a cruise, we had a dedicated waiter assigned to our table.  I would always ask for this and that but I do not do that to annoy the waiter!  It just happened that what I needed was not within reach.  They told me to just ask for everything in one go! But again, What can I do? I only think of what I need when I need it.

But I always ask nicely and sweetly that the waiter or cabin attendant would gladly grant my request.  I think?

The other day, Dra. Cristina and I spent almost the whole day together.  She was "on the job training" on How to be Madam.

The day started early when she texted me at 9:30 to ask if I was awake already.  I told her I had an errand near her clinic in Legazpi Village at the back of Makati Med.  I picked her up and we went to Little Tokyo.

We had lunch at Izakaya Kikufuji.

Our set meals... Tempura for Dra. and Chicken Terriyaki for me.

While we were having lunch, my accountant called to say that the bank's system was offline and that it could not accept checks.  My VAT payment was due on that day.  Good thing the messenger was just a few meters away from the restaurant!  So, in the middle of my lunch, I had to leave to withdraw money across Kikufuji and wait for the messenger.

Then, Dra. and I went to Chocolate Lovers at The Beacon to buy boxes and ingredients for my orders.

Afterwards, we had to go to Glorietta to do another banking errand while Crisitna did her own thing.

Whew!  Next destination was Powerplant mall.

The problem with Japanese food is that you get hungry after an hour or two, so we had to eat merienda at Cibo.

Ham, cheese and mushroom panini for me.

Pita with Salami and goat's cheese for Cristina.

I had to say bye to my "trainee" because I had to go to the grocery!

My day has not ended yet.  When I got home, I baked Mango Walnut Bars and packaged each slice individually.

I also baked Fudge Brownies.

Then had to cook spaghetti sauce and chicken adobo.

I ended my "day" at 2 am after washing the pans I used for baking.  After 8 or 9 pm, I don't ask Hermie to do things for me anymore.

Cristina said she got tired and my schedule was too busy.  Most people think I don't do anything since I do not have a regular 9-5 job but my day is always full.

I make sure I lead a productive life.  I may not earn as much as an executive but I feel richer than most because I have what I want and need.

My needs are simple that is why maybe I feel so happy and fulfilled.

So.... does Dra. Cristina, an OB-Gyn, want to be a Madam???

She said, No way!


Pet Chronicles

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