Friday, December 9, 2016

Eggs Benedict

The Junkies and I had our Christmas Brunch yesterday.

The star of the "noche buena" ahhh I mean brunch was the Eggs Benedict.

It is one of Cat's expertise.  She brought the ingredients for it.  Shey provided the English Muffins and coffee for our brunch.

Cat already knows how to bake Sans Rival and make Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

She first cooked the Hollandaise Sauce while Mona fried the bacon she brought.

The hardest part was poaching the eggs but Shey helped Cat.

Finally!!!! After an hour of poaching 6 eggs, hahahaha, Cat was ready to pour the sauce on top of the ensemble.

Perfect!!!!!!  The egg was runny, as it should be, and the Hollandaise Sauce coated it.

The sauce was smooth and velvety!  I have eaten Eggs Benedict in several restaurants, here and abroad, and it does not even taste as close as Cat's masterpiece! Hahahahahaha! No pressure, Cat!

I loved it because it was plain and simple.  There were no other seasoning or herb that distracted me from the taste.

Tricia ordered from one of their vendors in Salcedo Weekend Market the Cheese Scones and very flaky croissant.

I cooked pancakes and Hormel Sizzlers.

The Junkies really enjoyed our Christmas Brunch.

We love breakfast food but we cannot get up early enough for it!

Hahahahaha! OK! I am just speaking for myself.

Pet Chronicles

I dropped by Vinnie's house today to hug her 3 little Persian Kittens!!!!

I really want one but I asked my Vet and he said I cannot have one if I am allergic to pet hair.  So, I will just have to content myself with visiting them.

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