Saturday, November 5, 2016

Surprise! Cabin Mate Eric!

Today is the birthday of my cabin mate, Eric.

On the Ka Escapdes' first cruise, Eric and his wife Jodie, Mona and I shared one cabin, hence the nick name, cabin mate, Eric.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I got so many messages asking me if I can join the surprise birthday celebration of Eric last night.  I told them I have a date with FGM but will ask if I can resked.  FGM said it was ok, we can have dinner another time.

The group (Doc Bernie, Dra. Cristina, Pinky, Mona and I) volunteered to buy sans rival, Eric's favorite.

Ice cream - Double Dutch is Eric's favorite flavor.  Doc Bernie and I chose the Ube Langkasuy for ourselves.  I loved it!

Assorted snacks.  The chicharon "hangin" was so good!

Jodie's helper cooked the Carbonarra

Fried chicken with no sauce for Eric

Korean Fried Chicken for the rest.

WOW! It was very  delicious!!!!! Better than Bon Chon's! The best!!!!  Thanks to Ate Mayet.

Pork BBQ from Pork Cue, Marcelo.

Jodie brought out her chocolate stash!

I really am very happy when I am with the Ka Escapades.  We have a light camaraderie and we are comfortable with each other already.  We know each other's silliness and craziness.

It is always FUN time when you are with these bunch of people! Never a dull moment.

What's not to like?  Food and Travel are our favorite words!

Last night was more of a 2017 Ka Escapades planning session rather than a birthday celebration!

But.... it won't be a real birthday party without the pre-requisite singing of "Happy Birthday To You!' and the blowing of the candle.

Happy birthday to my dear Cabin mate, Eric!

Hahahahaha We are considered close friends already because he heard me sleep soundly!

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