Sunday, November 27, 2016

An Early Christmas Dinner

Babita hosted an early Christmas dinner the other night.

She and Tricia already gave us presents!

Will have to give mine this December.  It is very hard to arrange a get together during the holidays because everybody is busy so it was a good idea to celebrate it a few weeks earlier.

Babita served....

Caesar Salad.  The dressing was made by her sister, Arianne.

Baked Tahong

Nachos with home made salsa.

Tricia brought Caldo de Gallego.

Mona cooked White Truffle Pasta.

My potluck contribution was Beef with Mushrooms.

Mabel brought cake from Sugarhouse.

Cat was not able to attend because of last minute family affair activity but she sent her drinks and ice.

The star of the evening was... MAKI!!! He is a very large dog but very cute and lovable!

Later in the evening, Tita Sarah, Mom of Babita and Tita Menchit, a Bel-Air neighbor, joined us.

This early Christmas dinner is a Buena Mano! I bet there will be more gatherings in the coming weeks!

Oh! My tummy is already jumping for joy in anticipation!

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