Monday, September 19, 2016

Senyora Mona's 50th Birthday Party

Surprise Nyora!!!  Happy birthday!

The Batgirls planned Nyora's birthday party during my celebration with them last August 6.

"Corry, your Ate wants a surprise party!"

So it has been agreed upon that from the airport Nyora and I would go home together to Alabang Hills.

The lie this time was that I was invited to the family dinner.

I was texting Corry on the way to their house where we were every 5 minutes but I told Nyora that I was texting Corry to heat the Sinigang already because I was so hungry.

Then... texted her again to say prepare the patis and calamansi.  Lots and lots of lies just so Nyora would not suspect anything.

(Do you think I need to confess all the lies I uttered for Mona"s surprise celebrations?)

She was so clueless!!  I am glad that she was very happy when she saw Jing and Sherman.  Mayette and Jon arrived several minutes after.

There was Cuchinillo!

Tatang's Boneless Lechon!

OMG! It was my 4th lechon for the day!

Pork Sinigang


I cooked Lumpiang Ubod for her a few days ago and the maid just fried it in Mona's house.

Rellenong Bangus

Fried Chicken for the nieces of Mona

Adobong Pusit

Pancit Miki Bihon

Mayette brought Strawberry Shortcake from Vizco's on Session Rd., Baguio.

Buko Pandan

Sans Rival, Nyora's all time favorite.

Wow, Nyora! Your guests came all the way from Manila City, Baguio and Cebu!

Just goes to show how much we love you!!!

I hope you enjoyed all your birthday celebrations!

Hopefully, there will be more parties next year!