Monday, September 5, 2016

Nyora's Despedida de 40.

The Ka Escapades and I just gave Mona a surprise birthday party last Sunday.

She has been asking for a "surprise" party even before she left for Canada.

The group and I have been planning this event for weeks.  We even told Corry about it.  We all 'lied' just so she won't have an inkling about the surprise.

And it worked!

The group wanted a diner-themed celebration, just like the one I had with my family.

I put everybody to work.

We had burgers and Raffles chips.

Hotdog sandwiches and tortilla chips

with the condiments.

Rootbeer float.  Thanks FGM for lending us the mugs.

Another surprise was her birthday cake, her favorite Sans Rival Cake.

I hope you enjoyed your surprise birthday party, Golden Girl!

The Ka Escapades love you!


Thank you, Dra. Cristina for the decors!

Thank you Infante family for hosting!

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