Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Eats On The Block

FGM and I had a date today and tried out 2 new restaurants.

The first one was Shaburi in Uptown Mall, BGC which opened yesterday.

It is a franchise from Japan.  An All you can eat meat plus other food with drinks and dessert.

There is a 90-minute time limit.

We got the Tasty Beef selection.

Each person was given 2 trays of meat.

You can order more meat if you like but the no left over rule applies.

I loved the assorted add ons! Seafood buns, kikiam from Singapore and fish balls plus vegetables.

We got the Original Konbu soup.

Each one is given a cooking pot.

There was also different kinds of sushi, seasoned fried rice, gyudon, fried vegetables and chicken.

Did I mention unlimited drinks? Juices, iced teas and sodas.

Soft served ice cream.

We finished just in time! Ohhhh we were so full and satisfied.  We don't mind going back.  There are different kinds of beef, even Wagyu!

It deserves another visit. Thank you, FGM!

We already went home to our own houses but met each other in Powerplant mall in the evening!

I was supposed to eat dinner with Kuya and Sophie at Single Origin but it was a bit late already and Kuya was tired from his meetings.

So.... I had another date with FGM!

She had the Single Origin Burger with truffle fries.

I took a small bite and I liked it!

My order was Waffle Chicken Sandwich.

I only wanted to order the waffle but after 6 pm., they stop serving it.  I told my server to deconstruct the waffle sandwich so I could eat the waffle on its own.

Of course, in my opinion, nothing can beat the waffle of Abaca Baking Company in Cebu.

It was a day filled with eating and more eating!  We tried 2 restaurants which just opened a few days ago.

Hope to do a rounds of trying out new restos in the city!

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