Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dimsum Promo In Binondo

I spent the whole afternoon in Binondo eating dimsum!

There is a 50% discount in several restaurants.

It was serendipitous that the Uber car made a mistake.

Instead of taking Jones bridge, it took the other one which led us to Santa Cruz.  The car passed on Soler street.

When I saw Golden Fortune restaurant, I asked to be dropped off there instead of Lucky Chinatown Mall.

I remember Cherry said that there is a promo in the afternoon.

I ordered sio mai.

There was a surprise inside! A whole medium sized shrimp!  I liked it.

Chicken Feet.... another favorite worth coming back for.

Asado rice roll.... I still prefer Tim Ho Wan's.

I got my bill already and paid for my merienda when I received Cherry's text!  I asked her what I should try.

So I ordered another set of dimsum!

Bola Bola siopao did not disappoint.

Lobster Crab Ball

After my heavy merienda, I walked towards Lucky Chinatown Mall.  I went around 168 and bought vegetables on the street.  Asparagus, French beans and calamansi!

When I felt my stomach could handle round 3, I went to King Chef.

They also have a promo.  I was just there the day before but then when I got to the restaurant, I was number 19 in line!  Bad idea to go on a holiday.

I wanted to eat my favorite Fried Sesame Prawn Rolls.  I ordered it.  They ran out of stock!  I told them I came all the way from Makati just to eat it.

So, I just ordered Chicken Feet again.

From my recollection, it was good.  Yes, it was but I now prefer Golden Fortune's.

And then..... the waitress said, Ma'am, we already have the Sesame Prawn Rolls.  Do you still want to order it???


So here it is.......

I absolutely love the dipping sauce.  I think it is made of mayo, garlic and chopped parsley.

The filling was overflowing with shrimps!

It  has grated carrots and chopped canned bamboo shoots.  They used the white rice paper wrapper, dipped one side in egg white then rolled in sesame seeds before frying.

I cannot wait to experiment!!!  I just need to buy the paper wrapper in Bee Tin grocery on Ongpin St.

That was a FULL-filling afternoon!

Hmmmm.... I am wondering lately why my appetite is big!  I know I am matakaw but not like this!!!

I just have a few more days of pigging out then I must do something about it.

Probably start an exercise regimen.  Yeah, right.

Or perhaps I should go on a diet?  Who are you kidding, Lia????

Let's wait and see!

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