Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ugu Bigyan's Pottery Garden

My Ka Escapades and I went to Ugu's garden in Tiaong, Quezon yesterday.




It is an open house event to celebrate Ugu's 53rd birthday.


As early as 2 a.m., people were already in his store buying things at 53% off!









The best part of it all.... Food and drinks were served!

Suman, palitaw and ginatan.


I was not able to take a picture of the dinuguan and fried lumpia.

When they were chopping the lechon, the 1st of 3, I was already standing next to it to take a photo!


And also to get a plateful for the group!

It was really delicious, the skin was thin and crunchy.  I asked the manong who was chopping the lechon where they ordered it.

He said it was just nearby, in Tiaong.

We also got the Pako Salad....


Guinataang puso ng saging.... I loved it!


I also got freshly steamed sugpo, calamares, mussels with pechay and squid with mixed vegetables.


Goodness! That was a full meal!



I hope to be able to go to Ugu's celebration each year.


Wish I could celebrate my birthday the way he does every year! 

PS  Carly is so cute!!! The resident poodle.


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