Monday, August 15, 2016

Billy's Birthday 2016

Happy Birthday, Billy!


FGM invited me to Billy's birthday party yesterday.  I was with Pinky.


Photo op with Cha Cha!


I was so excited to  attend because my "best friend" was also at the party!



Creamy lengua. 


I just wanted a thin slice but could not find any.  I got a very generous slice.  It was so tender and very creamy! I normally do not eat lengua in white sauce because most people use Campbell soup which I do not like but last night, it was just butter, cream and mushrooms!

Steamed Shrimps 


Pancit sotanghon


Lumpiang Shanghai


Grilled Fish


Baked Norwegian Salmon which was moist and delicious!


Leche Flan


Birthday cakes!!!



Will pray for Billy's good health so we can have a party every year!

Thank you for letting  us join the celebration.

Happy birthday, Billy!

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