Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Pantry, Dusit Thani

I had lunch with my family today at The Pantry in Dusit.


The main attraction of the buffet was the Lechon!  Small and fat like me!


It was still piping hot when we ate it because it was roasted inside the restaurant!


I just got the skin and rib part of the lechon which made up a quarter of my plate, white rice- another quarter portion of my plate and 4 pcs of siomai from the dimsum station. 


My next plate just had a handful of pecans, a handful of walnuts, a piece each of dried fruits, half an ice cube size of blue cheese, brie and port salut, 4 paper thin slices of salami, 3 thin slices of Italian ham, 3x3 portion of BLT sandwich and a passport id sized pizza.




I had about 5 pieces of baked oysters with cheese.

After eating all of that I was so full already! I wanted to get more from the different stations but I could not eat another forkful anymore.

Baked Pasta.  They can also cook different kinds of pasta with sauces.


Gilly said the baby back ribs were good! Waaaahhhhh! I did not get to try this!


I also wanted to eat the different balls!


And the fish tacos!


Indian Station








Seafood for grilling.


Salad station


Prawn Cocktail


Orange, Mango and iced tea.


Gilly's dessert plate.


I had a small scoop of Macho Barako from the homemade ice cream station.


Toppings for the ice cream.


Assorted desserts


Churros and donuts


So many food, so little space in the stomach.

I do not know what happened to my bottomless pit!

Perhaps, it was because I've been training myself to eat small frequent meals, as in every hour frequent meals.

I was happy with what I ate but wish I could have indulged more!


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