Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Davao... My Dream Has Come True

I've always dreamed of visiting Davao and my dream came true last weekend.


I tried so hard to travel light but it seemed so impossible! My luggage allowance was 10 kg. but when I put my suitcase on the scale, the weight was 10.1!!!


I was not able to buy fruits for pasalubong.

We just arrived at the airport and I was already eating my second siopao!


It was a jumbo bola-bola siopao from Vin-Vin. Next time I do a day trip, I will buy to take home. 

We met with Tita Jit, Ryan and Lola (Yaya of Tita Jit) at Terminal 2. 


It was a connecting flight for them from Bangkok to Davao. 

Bo, brother of Jing, and Millie, Bo's wife, picked us up at Davao airport. We were their house guests. 


I love their kitchen! 


We spent most of our time cooking and eating!


Breakfast was my favorite meal in Davao. Our usual fare consisted of bread, butter, jam, corned beef, eggs, beef tapa, sausages, longanisa, paksiw na bangus and a whole lot more!  I love the way they cook their sunny side up eggs.


Tita Jit brought ox tail from Bangkok and she cooked the Kare Kare. 


Tita Jit also brought sausages and vegetables from Bangkok and we made it into a salad with baby cucumbers, vinegar and shallots.



Another loot from Bangkok, a special meat/coconut dip which we ate with cucumber slices.


I let them try my Soyless Garlicky Adobo. 


Millie's mom who lives in the same compund brought crispy pata


The skin was paper thin and so crunchy!

Sinigang na sugpo


Pancit palabok.


In the evening we ordered Lechon Biik!



I was telling Millie's mom the story about the pancit sotanghon I cooked for the seniors and that they loved it so much.   It has a "secret" ingredient, liquid gold (oil drippings from the turbo lechon).  She immediately volunteerd her liempo!  

The next day I cooked the glistening pancit.  Saturday night we were the guests of Millie's family.  I brought the sotanghon and they loved it!  Tita Jit asked Lola Yaya to cook the Thai coconut chicken soup.

We went around Davao. 


It was a quiet city.  The speed limit on major streets are 30-40 kph! That's right up my alley!

I loved the mini siopao from Kuilan's.


We bought pomelo and freshly cooked peanuts and ate it in the van while going around the city.

A very late lunch at Cafe Tavera.


Giant shell soup - Inarbao? Well, it sounds like it.




Dragon Ball


Prawns with red eggs


Pancit Bihon Guisado




We went to the souvenir market, Aldivinco? Hahahaha it sounds like Aldub.  I can't remember the name.  I bought a pair of champagne colored Pearl earrings.

Waterfront Hotel merienda buffet : arroz caldo, lomi, ginataang mais, pancit, dinuguan, chicharon bulaklak, puto, cuchinta, ham sandwich, eclair, cassava cake, etc.


Time for photo ops!



Tita Jit was supposed to use the wheelchair but she ended up pushing me around! Hahahahaha We just like to monkey around for fun!



We had halo halo and Baked Scallops at Kuya J.


SM Lanang light and water show.


I bought Chili dog at Munchtown!


I really enjoyed my trip to Davao because I got to spend it with Jing! 

Tita Jit said when Jing and I are together, we are always giggling like school girls.


Jing and I would say the same things at the same time then we would look at each other and start laughing.


Thank you so much Bo and Millie!  I really enjoyed staying in your house! I hope to go back and cook in my favorite kitchen again!

Thank you everybody!


The title of my post has a double meaning.  I've been having dreams lately and the dreams really do come true!

Scary because what I saw in my dreams happened for real! Was it just a co-incidence? But the averages are too high for it to be co-incidence only.

#1  A few weeks ago, I dreamt that I was in Davao with Tita Jit.  It happened in real life!

#2 The day before my flight to Davao, I dreamt that I was on the second floor landing going the down the stairs.  

When I entered Bo's and Millie's house, the staircase was exactly how it looked like in my dream!

#3 In one of my dreams, Millie was wearing a white polo shirt.  The next day, I saw in FB she was wearing white.

#4 Several months ago, I messaged Bibo that I dreamt of her Mom who passed away recently.  Her Mom was smiling.  I also told Bibo that she was in her new house.  She did not tell me that she was in the process of selling her house.  She recently bought a new house in Alabang.

#5 Dream was 3 women rang our doorbell.  Cristina told me to tell my mom not to let them in because they are scammers.  A few days after, there was a break in attempt in our house.

#6 When I was in the middle of the ocean, I had a dream about 2 of my senior citizen friends.  I was so worried about them but could not text to ask how they  were because there was no signal. I was not even home yet from my trip when one had a cardiac arrest and died after a few days and the other senior was hospitalized.

There are more dreams...too many to mention.  I asked a priest for guidance and he said that God wants me to use the "gift" given to me.

Nooooo! I do not like!

Tricia just told me to pray everytime I wake up from my dream.  I get scared now when I see people I know in my dreams. I would call them to ask how they are and tell them to take care.

Hahahahaha Now my friends are scared to answer their phones when they see the caller id!

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