Friday, May 20, 2016

Cooking And Baking Day

Last Wednesday was spent cooking and baking all day long.  I asked Cat to come over the house and play with me!

Hahahaha Cooking and baking is like play for me.... Never work unless I get paid for it.

I know the Junkies love Eggs Benedict.  That was our goal.  Cat has always been my Eggs Benedict cooking partner.


We already did this 3 years ago.

I told her that I have all the ingredients, English muffins, bacon, butter, eggs..... Except for lemon!


I went next door to my Kuya's house.  Nobody was home except, Odie, the family dog.


So.... I told him, "Odie! I will borrow your lemon, ha?"


We needed the lemon for the Hollandaise sauce.


Poaching eggs was quite terrifying but Cat pulled it off!


Junkie Shey joined us and even gave suggestions how to poach eggs!


Tada! Eggs Benedict!


The sauce was velvety smooth! It was perfect, not too runny nor too thick.  It coated the muffin and bacon really well.


Tricia was able to join us too but a bit later,

After brunch, we invited Jose, Cat's 10 year old son, to bake with us.


Cat wanted to learn how to make Sans rival.

Jose was such a serious baker! 



We also baked Chocolate Chip cookies.


Jose's finished products.....

Sans rival


Chocolate chip cookies.


Thank you! Thank you so much for "playing" with me!

I enjoyed the whole day cooking and baking with the Mother and son team!

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