Monday, April 18, 2016

Cornick in Binondo

There is a cornick vendor in Binondo along Quintin Paredes St. across RCBC.

I had to line up for 15-20 minutes at noon under the scorching sun!  A lot of people were lining up, as well.  Mayette would often buy several kilos to send to her brother in L.A.

When I got home, I put it in the canister and hid it from everybody!

The next day, I decided to add more salt and vetsin.  I started shaking the canister when.....

The lid flew off together with 1/4 of my stash!

I wanted to pick up the cornick from the floor but Hermie said not to because the floor was dirty.

You should have seen the look on my face! Like somebody pricked the balloon I was holding.

I still had other "stash", though.  I bought Hopia Baboy Condol and pan de sal from Wan Kee. ( I already ate several pieces before taking the pic.)

Corona Chinese sausage from Bee Tin grocery on Ongpin St.

Cua Pao buns from Salazar Bakery.

Chay Sim leaves.  I hope I get to cook it before it wilts! I am always out and have no time to cook.

I had brunch with Tita Jit, Ryan, Jing and Sherman at Ling Nam Noodle Factory earlier in the day.

They all ordered Beef Mami.

It was too hot for me to eat Mami so my orders were....

Tai Pao and Sio Mai!

I bought Pancit Canton Noodles

And.... Wanton Wrapper.

I stayed on in Binondo because I wanted to buy something in 168.

Remember how much I love siomai?

I ate siomai again at King Chef!

Plus chicken feet and.....

My favorite Sesame Prawn Roll!

It was a fruitful day in Chinatown.  I want to buy cornick again! But it is just too hot to travel for food at this time of the year.


  1. isn't the peanuts cart on quintin paredes? there's one there that always has a queue. i've never tried getting pancit canton noodles from lingnam. are they really good?

    1. Hello! I'm not sure now about the street of the cornick, let me check. The noodles are very good because it is fresh and it does not taste rancid.

    2. You were right! It's on Quintin Paredes. I already edited my post. Thanks!

    3. no problem! i love going to binondo and i have my favorite places there, but i discover something new from your posts. please keep writing about your binondo trips =)