Friday, April 22, 2016

Break From My Break

I need a break!  A break from my long holiday break!

Did you ever feel so tired after a vacation that you need another vacation?

This whole week, I was just hanging out and eating out with friends so I can relax.


I had my monthly lunch with my senior friends at Fireside By Kettle, Rockwell.


Lunch at Pancake House BGC with Pinky, Dodai, Jodie and Cristina.

I ordered a LARGE Spaghetti

Pinky and I spent the afternoon at Dodai's apartment, our favorite chillax place.  I told them I have a ramen obsession.

Alex and Dodai invited us for dinner at Wrong Ramen.

Dessert at Seoul and Bean. We had shaved ice with fruits

And Sans Rival.

Thank you so much, Alex and Dodai!


I posted in the Junkies Viber group that I have a ramen obsession.  Tricia indulged me.  We had lunch at Mitsuyado Sen on Jupiter.

FGM Cindy and I had dinner at David's Tea House, A. Venue Mall.

Lumpiang Shanghai, our favorite.




Beef Hofan.

I left space in my stomach for the Dominos Pizza, A. Venue Mall.

I still found extra space! I had a slice of Chocolate Cake from Starbucks.


Lunch at Buffet 101 with PD and Ate.  I did not over eat.  I just had boiled suahe, hakaw, siomai, ham suy kok, tempura and birthday noodles.

Dinner at Project pie with Tricia, Bea, Marga and Julia.

Thank you for my Strawberry ice cream, Tricia!



My favorite Frozen Royal at Mcdo!

I know it is bad for me but I love it!

Merienda at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen, Rockwell with Cecille. Armi and Jenny dropped by for a quick chat.

Remember, I still have a ramen obsession?

I plan to eat at Ippudo, Ramen Nagi and Ukkokei Ramen Ron, my favorite.

Dessert at Dean and Deluca.

Strawberry Shortcake for me.

Pistachio Dacquoise for Cecille.

Small frequent meals.  

Do you think I misunderstood the concept of  small frequent meals?

It was a busy week for my stomach. It is going to be a busier weekend!

My stomach needs a break!

P.S. Fur- Baby Chronicle

Look at our new kittens!!!!

Hahaha! They are so ugly that they are so cute!

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