Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Celebrants

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

My niece, Sophia, and nephew, Renzo had their joint celebration in my house.

Gilly was their only kid guest.

You can now buy lechon by retail at Ulcing's along Bayani Road.

My Spicy Rico's Lechon.....  but I forgot to set the timer of the oven so it was a little toasted.

Sophia's favorite pasta with white sauce.

Molo Soup

Yaya Hermie cooked the fried chicken.

I let them try my Sweet Bagoong.

Alex invited us for his birthday brunch at Creperie.

The appetizer was mini galette.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Choice of entree:

Baked Sole

Coq au vin

Beef in white wine sauce

Crepe bar for dessert.

Coffee, tea, soda and iced tea.

Then Pinky had her birthday celebration at Doc BF's and Dra. Cristina's house.

The Sans Rival was from Alex and Dodai.

Pinky bought 2 boxes of pizza from Pizza Warehouse.

3 Whole Roast chicken.

The hosts bought us salad.

So many celebrations!

Happy birthday to all of you!

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