Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Who Is Jing To Me?

I met Jing in June of 1987, our freshmen year in AC and my life has never been the same again.

It is more colorful because she is in my world.

She is such a funny and witty person.  Never a dull moment.  I love the jokes we share with each other, jokes that only the two of us would understand.

I love her sense of humor... Bordering on dark and sick... In an amusing quirky way.

The sample of her sick sense of humor.....

Hahahahahaha.... Only Jing would think of something like this!

Then one time, she said, she will cure me of my diabetes.  And I asked her, How!?!

An inexpensive treatment, she said!  Something she could patent to help people save millions of pesos in maintenance medicine.


"Lia, if I could just put masking tape on your mouth, you will be healed in no time!"

Her quips never fail to make me laugh out loud until my stomach hurts.

Another of her diet strategy for me... Such a great nutritionist!

If I use small cups, plates, fork and spoon.... She said, I will lose weight!

We have so much in common and yet we do not clash, knock on wood.

You cannot open our closets! No way! Open at your own peril or else, things will fall on you!

We both love to read books.  We never travel light.

We went on a camping trip one time.  We were given a tent for 3 people but we could hardly move because all of our things were inside! 

It was just an overnight trip, mind you!

On the same trip, the "bathroom" was about half a kilometer away from the camp site.  

"Jing! Please come with me to the bathroom! It is late and dark already!"

So, she woke up and went with me to the "shed".  But when we got there..... I lost my momentum!

"Ooooppps! Sorry, Jing... I don't have the urge to use the bathroom anymore."

We trekked back to our tent, a flash light guiding us.

And then.......  Hahahahahahaha guess what happened?!?

"Jing! I have to go back to the bathroom! You have to come with me! Again!"

And so.... In the middle of the night, half a kilometer away, she accompanied me.

That's how much she loves me.

And I love her equally, as well.  

In one of her birthdays, I gave a surprise al fresco candle light dinner for her in my house with some of our friends.  Hahahahaha! I'm sorry, I just realized the color theme I used was ube! Jing hates anything ube.

We were having the time of our lives! We always had sleepover activites at her house or her family's house in Tagaytay! We would meet up in the mall to go shopping and watch a movie.  Life was exciting back then for us until.....

Sherman, her husband now, started courting her.

I thought I was going to lose her but I did not.  I loved it whenever Sherman would send her chocolates with liquor from Japan, she would give it to me.

Then, Sherman would always ask if she liked it.  "I don't know! Ask Lia!" Hahahahahahaha!

They are one of my favorite couples.  

I love Sherman because Jing loves him.

Jing is a SUPERMOM! 

Her boys are so lucky to have her! And they know it, appreciate it and show their mother how much they love her.

One of the reasons why I started writing a blog was because Jing and her family lived in UK for a few years.  

My other friend, Celine, was in another part of the world at that time, as well.  So instead of writing to them separately, I would just post in my blog what happened to me and what I cooked and ate for the day.

Even if Jing is so busy with her wifely and motherly duties, she still finds time to come and see me.  

She even helped me decorate my house the day before my Mexican-inspired birthday party.

So..... Back to my question.....

Who is Jing to me?

No need to embellish my answer....

Jing is a true and real friend.

It is hard to find one like her. And I will treasure the friendship that we have.

We were teen agers when we met each other....

But look at us now.... 

We have weathered so many difficulties together and separately... 

We are a bit wiser and older...

But we still have that same naughty "sparkol" in our eyes.

Happy birthday, Jing.

I love you until we are old and cranky and borrowing diapers from each other.

And until we are both ghosts and scaring our friends who are not yet dead and share that same smirk and snicker!

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