Friday, March 11, 2016

Missed You Guys!

I missed you, guys!

I havent seen these people in a while! Dodai just came back from a short US trip.  I was with Mona and Pinky separately in Boracay but they have been so busy we did not get a chance to spend more time with each other when we got back to Manila.

Our favorite hangout is at Dodai's place.

We had Kakanin for merienda!

Dolor's Sapin Sapin from Mona

Banana Que, Adobong Mani and Pichi Pichi from me.

Pinky brought Red Ribbon's Empanada and Brazo de Mercedes.

Karamel tea from Germany, my favorite of Dodai's stash.

Doc Bernie and Doc Tricia dropped by! Alex went home early from work because he still had a meeting to attend to at night.

Our late evening snack was chili con carne with lettuce.

Chocolate smorgasbord!

We were at Dodai's from merienda up to 9 pm!  I love the view at night  from the kitchen window.

Thank you so much Dodai and Alex for having us over! We love you! Ok and your apartment, as well.

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