Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rustic Christmas

The Batgirls and Boys had a very late Christmas get together because of everybody's busy schedule last December.

Mayette and Jon hosted our brunch at their rest house in Bataan which I call, The Forest Hideaway.

Our theme was Rustic Chrsitmas.

Prior to the brunch, Mayette asker her carpenter to cut the fallen tree into discs.

She used it for the tablescape.

We invited Lisa to join us. She already met the batgirls and boys during her last visit.

Tita Letty, Mayette's Mom, and Tita Dely were with us also. The two are cousins and best friends for life!

Raile and Mariel, kids of Mariger.

Our menu for brunch.....

Chicken Galantina

Smoked Ham


Ox Tongue with Mushroom Sauce


Potato Salad

Fruit Salad

I just realized, the potato salad and fruit salad look the same!

Bataan's Famous Geno's ice cream, Taro flavored.

Assorted cheese, spreads, honey cranberry butter, jams, crackers, fruitcake and bread.

I brought the chocolate covered potato chips Celina gave me and shared with everybody.

Hahahahahaha Lia??? Shared her chocolates?!?!

It was DARK chocolate!

After lunch was the exchange of gifts. Several weeks ago, each one of us made a wish list. Then the person who picked your name has to buy one of the gifts written on the list.

Jon and Sherman exchanged gifts with each other.

Mariger gave her gift to Jing.

Jing gave her gift to Corry via a phone call.

Her dog was rushed to the hospital.

Corry "gave" her gift to Mona.

Mona gave her gift to me.

I gave Mayette her gift.

And lastly, Mayette gave her gift to Mariger.

Lisa gave us all token giveaways!

Our Pinoy merienda was pancit from Cupang and suman.

They let us try the Adobong Bayawak!

It tasted like chicken.

Mayette! You did a wonderful job!

The Rustic Christmas Tablescape was beautifully done.

Thank you, Mayette and Jon, for hosting our Christmas brunch!


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