Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Forest Hideaway

I spent a relaxing weekend at The Forest Hideaway.

Nope, it's not a resort. It's a 7 hectare "forest" owned by Mayette's family in Balanga, Bataan.

She and her husband, Jon, retires to the country on weekends to fix up the place.

It is a work in progress which started about 3 years ago.

Lots of improvement now since the last time I was in Bataan in 2012 with Celina.

The pool is filled with spring water. They change it all the time.

I needed a break from cooking this holiday season.

They brought me to this restaurant called, "Ima Flora's Pamangan".

When we got there, I thought it was called "Pang Mayaman"!

Hahahahaha My eye sight is so bad. But in my defense, at first glance, it really looked like the sign says, "pang mayaman"!

You will find it off the main highway of Pilar. The corner has an arrow sign which says: To Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. You won't miss it because there are always lots of cars parked in front of the restaurant.

They serve Filipino comfort food at super affordable prices.

I wonder how they even earn, perhaps because of the volume of diners.

The have several packaged type air conditioners and about 3 2.5 hp split type AC units!

"Pang Mayaman!" Hahahahahaha! I'm very observant that way.

The place is like "turo-turo" where you pick the food you like and it will be delivered to your table.

Ohhhhh they had my favorite Pork Chop Steak!

Would you believe I do not know how to cook it?!?! It passed my standards.

Well.... Anything better than my version passes my standards.

I tried the longanisa. I think it was made of chicken. I'm a pork person.

Adobong Pusit


Pancit Guisado with Lechon Kawali.

Rice and soda.

All of that for 440 pesos only!

I enjoyed it so much that I requested to eat lunch at Ima's the next day!



Pork Sinigang with Nilaga vegetables. Hahahahaha Boggles the mind.


My ulimate favorite, Kikawin Puso ng Saging!

But this was the last serving, it was not even a whole serving so they just gave it to us for free!

Pancit Guisado with Roasted Lechon.

I was in chillax mode. We did not cook anymore.

I taught Mayette how to bake Pan de Sal using my recipe.

She is about to open a bakery but the baker is still honing his skills before they start the operation full blast next year.

A city girl like me is so excited about the countryside. They brought me to their rice field.

I saw the different stages of rice! From the freshly planted shoots until it produces grains like rice pearls.

Such a short time to enjoy The Forest Hideaway.

Hope to be back soon, Mayette and Jon!

Thank you so much!



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