Friday, December 11, 2015

Kain Club

The Junkies group became bigger... And we now call it, Kain Club.

Babita hosted our Christmas get together at her house. Thank you!

Appetizers and dessert c/o Cat, Mabel, Shey and Pudgy.

We had cold cuts

Assorted cheese

And still more cheese with quince jelly.

Mia brought super crunchy chichacorn.

Caldo Gallego, Tricia's delicious specialty.

Sorry for the bad lighting. I loved the hearty soup! I had a second serving!

Mona's Lasagna was such a hit!

She made it from scratch, even the pasta!

I brought Chicken Galantina.

Babita served Russian Salad

And 2 kinds of lumpia, Crabstick-Cheese Dynamite Roll and Lumpiang Shanghai.

Dessert was Sugarhouse's Concorde.

It was such a happy, funny, crazy night!

The game made us laugh until our stomachs hurt.

"I've never ___________." game.

It goes like this:

You raise both hands.

A person will say, I've never gone skate boarding."

If you've done it already, you fold one finger.

The person with the most number of fingers up, wins the game.

Last man standing. In our case, last finger standing!

Mona won both rounds. She said, it goes to show she led a sheltered life and haven't done most of the things other people did.

Imagine from Junkies to Kain Club!

We have evolved!

Hahahaha! It just means that there are a lot more people out there who love to eat!

Merry Christmas, Ladies!


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