Monday, November 30, 2015

Ka Escapades Christmas Party

My travel buddies and I had an early Christmas party.

Miko, Alvin and Martin! Doc Tricia and Doc BF! The Infantes: Eric, Jodie, Carrie and Gio!

It is hard to schedule an activity this December because it is such a busy time for everybody.

Jodie and Eric hosted our get together last night at their house in Paranaque. Thank you, Cabinmates!

I brought my Chicken Galantina.

Then everybody just ordered food.

Beef and Mushroom

With Mashed Potatoes

We ordered Lasagna from Mona.

Salad.... Ohhh I thought I took a photo!

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan

Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce

Our favorite activity after dinner is Videoke! I practiced for several days. Hahahaha But it still did not sound like I practiced.

Gift giving time after singing and our 2015 Christmas Photo op! Good thing Nyora Mona was able to follow.

We missed our fellow Ka Escapade Pinky who is on vacation in the US.

There are more Christmas parties this December! Oh dear Lord! I hope I don't get fat!

Hahahahaha I got this from my FB friend.

It's so like Lia!




  1. Hi Lia! I was looking at your previous blogs and I saw this good looking wok. I wonder where you bought it? I really want one and that's the kind of wok that I want and not the teflon kind of wok that we usually see in the malls. Thanks. ~~~ Brent's mom

    1. Hi Brent's Mom! I bought the wok at MK Kitchen, Farmer's Market branch.

    2. Thanks, Lia, Just one more thing that I want to know that I forgot to ask you and I hope you don't mind. How much is it? I know it's gonna be a bit pricey but I just wanna have an idea. Thanks again ��

  2. Thank you :-) By the way, that chicken galantina looks so masarap and fit for the holiday table. Also that beef and mushroom. Did you also cook that? I'm excited to see what is gonna be on your holiday table soon :-)

  3. Hi Brent's Mom! I cooked the galantina but they ordered the beef and mushroom. I also have that in my rcipe called, Beef Lengue style.
    Ohhh you will be disappointed! My family only likes Lechon and Soup!
    They don't even eat relleno or gallantina!

  4. What??! Yeah, I think I'm a bit disappointed here now

  5. but would still take a peep on what's on your table hehe