Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy 17th Birthday Wriggly!!!

On the morning of October 18 seventeen years ago, my son, Wriggly, was born under the armoire in my Mom's room.

He had 5 litter mates. I guess Wriggly is the only one who is still alive.

We gave away the rest except for another one, Kuya Silver, but he passed away when he was 15.

Wriggly is even older than my nieces and nephew!

What is his longevity secret?

He was blessed with a bottle of holy water by a priest during one of Bel -Air 3's masses for the pets.

I have been feeding him generic dog food from True Value.

I do not give him table food. When he was younger, I used to give him bread as a treat.

He does not like doggy treats. Maybe it is a blessing that he does not like them because I've been reading that a lot of those treats were being recalled for one reason or another.

He does not go for walks. I have always been afraid he might catch a virus from other animals.

I talk to Wriggly like a human being. I do not call him a dog but a person.

During his younger years, he loved going up on the dining chair to steal food.

Or up the dining table.

Or tried until he succeeded in pilfering a piece or two.

If you leave your bag on HIS couch, yes he owns that couch, he will check what is in your purse. He loves stealing lip balms and lipsticks. Of course if there is food inside, kiss it goodbye.

He is my baking assistant. "Wriggly, can you please check if the cookies are done already?"

He has a few friends....

Lizzie, my rescue dog...

Odie, my nephew's dog...

And a pet dog doll.

As the years gone by, he started showing signs of old age. His coat started to turn gray.

The cataract in his eyes has gotten worse. He is totally blind now.

Almost everyday people here at home would ask if Wriggly is dead already.

How cruel but Wriggly showed them all. He is still up and about. He still has a full appetite and does his business in the yard. He would bark if it is his time to eat already and there is no food yet.

Some "well meaning" friends would suggest I put him down. I asked the vet if I should but she said there is no reason why.

He is just blind and old but there is nothing wrong with him.

We are already in his his twilight years. I already told him a few months ago that if he feels like leaving me, I am ready.

That is just lip service. I'm not yet ready. I will never be ready.

I know that I just have a few more weeks? months? with him. I am a realist.

I am just so glad that Wriggly made it up to this point despite the fact that everybody was just waiting for him to drop dead.

It is a miracle that he was able to beat all odds.

Happy 17th birthday, my darling baby boy.

Thank you for bringing so much joy in my life.


This is such an emotional post for me I can't stop crying.



  1. Happy Birthday, Wriggly, hope you continue to stay well and be with Lia for a much longer time. ~~~ Brent's mom.

    1. From Wriggly: Thank you so much, Brent's Mom!

  2. hi. i'm quite new to your blog, but have been visiting regularly for months now. i'm usually shy or lazy to comment, but i can't help it now. you seem like a jolly and positive person, and i don't know if having wriggly has anything to do with that. you are blessed to have been accompanied by wriggly in your journey all these years, and wriggly is equally blessed to have you. yes, they are not just pets.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment. Don't be shy! I will always reply.

  3. Dearest Wriggly, I am so happy that you reached this important milestone in your life. You may not have heard from me because mean ipad does not let me post comments, but I am just here, hoping to hear about you. Sometimes I am afraid that I'll see sad news so I always pray that you are well and the sad news does not come, at least not yet. One of my bucket lists was to meet you and I am glad I did. Happy happy birthday! Your self appointed Ninang Happy 😚

    1. From Wriggly: Ninang Happy! I am so glad to get a message from you! I am well and old but so far, I am doing ok! I am still using the blanket you gave me but I had to give to the cats the blue bed because I am having a hard time getting in and out of it.
      Thank you for the prayers!