Friday, September 18, 2015

One Day Hong Kong Eatinerary

When I told my friends I was able to buy a ticket on sale to HK just to eat for a day, they told me I was crazy!

I asked them to join me... They all declined except one......

Nyora Mona!!!

Who is as crazy as I am! It was her first time to go to HK.

We rode the Airport Express to the city!

I usually take the hotel coach or the bus to TST.

The ride was so fast! In 20 minutes, we were at TST already! We then rode the MTR to Central for the first leg of the HK "eatinerary". I got that term from FGM Cindy.

Prior to the trip, I have been researching online for suckling pig. I came upon several articles and blogs that Anthony Bourdain said that Lung Kee (formerly known as Dragon) has the best roast BBQ in HK.

It was so easy to find it because I was a bit familiar with Central.

When you exit the MTR, take Exit D2.

Turn right towards Theater Lane.

Left on Theater Lane towards Queen's Road Central.

Turn right on Queen's Road Central.

Turn right on the 4th corner, Queen Victoria.

Lung Kee is on your right side. No store signange but you will see hanging roast bbq meats.

I ordered the Suckling Pig with 2 Treasure Meat (Roast Chicken and Char Siu) with rice.

Mona got the Suckling Pig meal.

As you can see from my smile that did not reach my eyes, I was not too happy. I wanted more of the suckling pig!

So I ordered another platter!

Then.... My tummy felt the happiness! In fact, double happiness!

I love suckling pig!

Next on the HK eatinerary was West Villa Restaurant, 5/F Lee Garden One, Causeway Bay.

A bit tricky to find.

MTR Causeway Bay Exit F, Kai Chiu Road (Forever 21 landmark).

Turn left on Lee Garden Road.

Left on Lan Fong Road. Building will be on the right. Small entrance after the car park exit.

We ordered dim sum at West Villa.

Baked BBQ Bun. Light and fluffy!

Taro Puff!

Mona and I love Taro Puffs!

Sio Mai!

Big chunks of meat and a whole fresh shrimp on top with crab roe.

Shrimp Dumpling - Hargao

Dessert was a cup of Dark Chocolate Ice cream at La Maison Du Chocolat. Same building.

They even let me try a piece of Chocolate!

3rd stop was at Angelina Paris, IFC Mall.

It was the high light of my trip!

This was my view while dining. It overlooks the bay.

I was inspired by their Hot Chocolate when I opened my pastry shop. I even bought small pitchers just like theirs!

The signature pastry of Angelina is Mont Blanc.

Meringue, whipped cream, chestnut cream vermicelli.

The chesnut cream tasted like marzipan but instead of almonds, they used chesnuts.

Mona ordered the croissant filled with dark chocolate.

Friends told me to let Mona ride the ferry!

It was a quintessential experience she should not miss according to them.

We went to Harbour City and did our last minute shopping.

It was almost time to go home!!!! We went to Jordan to eat at Dimdimsum Dimsum but I could not find the place! My brains did not work anymore! I could not follow the directions on the map.

Or probably my brains did not work anymore because my legs were already screaming at me to stop walking already!!!

HK is a walking city!!! I do not mind walking a lot but going up and down the stairs of the MTR stations was a killer!

The only thing I bought for myself was Lap Cheong (Dried Chinese Sausage).

I was a little disappointed that I only ate a small amount of dimsum.

But!!!! Fear not!!!!

The world did not come to an end!!!!

Dimsum at the airport! I went crazy and ordered a lot!

Some for dine in....

Shrimp Wanton Noodle Soup

Rice Vermicelli with Crispy Dough Sticks

The rest.... To take home to the Philippines!!!


Steamed Charsiu Buns

Baked BBQ Pork Puff!

Ahhhhhh..... Now that's more like it!

My Hong Kong Eatinerary would not be as satisfying without the birthday gifts of FGM Cindy, Junkie Tricia and Dra. Corry!

Thank you for adding to our eating fund!!!!

I was very happy and I think Mona enjoyed herself as well!

Until my next eating adventure in Hong Kong! Or....wherever it may be!









  1. One day eatinerary in HK...sounds good to me...and yummy! �� --- Brent's mom

    1. Hello Brent's Mom! Yes!!!!! Yummy is the word!