Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Quickie Birthday Mona!

Mona had a very quick birthday celebration today at The Batcave!

We were all in a rush because everybody had somewhere to go before 1:30.

Mona and I had to be at the park by 1:30 as well.

Sooooo..... Rush rush rush!

I cooked her favorite Liempo Sinigang with lots of fat!

Ohhhh look at the smile of Nyora Mona!!! Look at all the floating bits of fat in the soup!

I made a healthier version, just spareribs for those who are "fat-free".

Hahahaha Sad and Boring!

Green Mangoes and Nova Villa Bagoong.

The birthday girl cooked Pancit Bihon.

Jing brought pork bbq.

Mayette cooked Sinampalukang Manok.

Michelle brought pichi-pichi

And 2 bottles of 6% drinks!

Mona's favorite is sansrival. Mama and Corry got her from Costa Brava.

I was enjoying my sinigang when they said it was time to blow the candle!!!!

I did not have time to finish my food. Wahhhhh!!! And it was super, super delicious!

It was such a quick party.

We should do this again!

Happy birthday, Nyora Mona!



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