Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Septembrants!

Three members of the Ka Escapade group are celebrating their birthdays this September.

Mona(16), Doc Tricia (27) and Doc Miko (17).

The get together was held at Miko's house in Pasig!

Their house has a Filipino inspired theme with lots of whimsical things.

I am not usually fond of native looking houses but I love Miko's.

The evening started with lots of story sharings and snacks!

Before heading to Miko's, Doc Bernie, Doc Tricia and I went to Iko's bakery!

I love their potato bread! I also bought cheeseroll and baby cheese pan de sal.

They have Hermie's favorite! Kalihim! I bought it for her.

But Doc Bernie and I tried a piece each. Hahahaha Sorry Hermie!

Our food for dinner.....

Ohhhh!!! I can't stand it! I'm a little OC when it comes to food! The silver food tray is not straight! It will haunt me for quite a while!

I cooked Lumpiang Hubad for the gang.

Nam prik ong for the boys.

Mona brought bilo-bilo

And Fish with Tofu.

Jodie got us 2 flavors of ice cream. Double Dutch and Coffee Crumble.

Dodai brought puto-kuchinta with Cheese!

Tricia and Miko ordered....

Ado's Pancit

Max's Fried Chicken

Crispy Pata

Our "special guest" was able to join us via video call!

She also asked me to buy a cake for the Septembrants!

Costa Brava's Mocha Cake.

We really missed you, Pinky!

Hope you come home soon! We will be waiting at the airport with tarpaulin banners and our empty eco bags!!!

Happy birthday, Tricia, Miko and Mona!

I have a feeling we will have another celebration this month!




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