Monday, August 3, 2015

Korean Birthday Dinner with my ASB Family

My ASB family members are Ms. Ann, Maya, Matess and Be.

We were all officemates once upon a time. I was the Executive Secretary to VP Ms. Ann. That was my longest job I've ever held!

Five whole months! I resigned because I did not want to join the Christmas program. We were going to perform a dance number!

Even if I have been with them for such a short time, we kept the friendship alive for 22 years.

Back to the present, tonight's dinner was also the birthday celebration of Maya, Be and Matess.

Ms. Ann got us a cake!

Maya and Be brought Korean food.

Jap Chae

Korean Fried Chicken

Kimchi Rice

Matess got us assorted Maki.

My dinner contribution was Korean BBQ.

I cooked it while we were eating dinner.

The ingredients were bought at Hangbok's Korean Grocery on Don Pedro St. Poblacion. I got the tender beef and marinade for the Bulgogi. ( Marinate 1 kilo of beef in 1 C. marinade for an hour.)

The Korean lady is very nice. The last time I bought soy sauce, she gave me a pack of Perilla leaves for the Samyeopsal. I could never forget the thoughtful gesture. I was on my way out when she called me back. The leaves only cost 35 pesos but she just earned a returning customer for life!

I am so grateful my former co-workers are my friends.

What they say is really true. It is not about how long you've known a person (in my case just for 5 months) but the quality of relationship you have with the person.

I have a quality relationship with my ASB Family.

Happy birthday ladies!




  1. HI Lia. I like your blog and enjoy reading your stories. Thank you for sharing your recipes online….tried two of them a couple of years back. Haven't visited your blog for many months as I have completely lost all the bookmarked blog list on my laptop. Anyhow, am glad I found you again-thanks to google. Have a great week ahead. :)

    1. Hello Jezrel! Thank you for reading my blog! I'm glad found "me" again!