Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Filipino Brunch with the Junkies

It's Happy Birthday Everyday with the Junkies!!!

We planned this several weeks ago because it is so hard to find a time when everybody could make it.

Finally! I reallly missed our cooking and eating sessions with the Junk Food Girls!

Our theme was Filipino Brunch!

I brought home danggit

And King's Bacon from Cebu.

Mona cooked the pork tocino.

Cat brought beef tapa!

The Lucban longanisa was from Shey.

I asked Tricia to bring Tinapa rice.

The eggs were fried in Bacon grease!

My birthday cake was Banana bread from Baguio Country Club!

I was very happy because the Junkies were complete today!!!!

Thank you so much girls for the friendship!

I love you All!

PS. You can order tapa from Lui Villaruz of Luna Farms. 0917-791-9137


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