Saturday, August 29, 2015


It was Pinky's Despedida party yesterday which coincided with my birthday so we called it:


Pinky is leaving for the US on September 2 for an overdue vacation! I hope she comes back soon. I promised to bake sans rival for her Bienvenida.

Most of our friends came en masse.

The Ka Escapades with Alex, Dodai, Mylene, Candy and Janette!

This is how much we love you, Pinky!

I cooked my Children's Sweet Style Spaghetti.

Pork BBQ and Drinks came from our hosts, Doc BF and Dra. Tricia.

Jodie and Eric Brought 2 Roast Chickens from S&R.

Miko and Alvin ordered Taco Salad from me.

Mona cooked Ginataang Mais.

Dodai and Alex gave us Zubuchon Lechon from Cebu!

Pinky brought Cassava Cake and Pichi Pichi from Don Benito's.

The chocolates were from Candy.

Ice cream from Mylene and Janette. Arce Cheese and Pistachio.

Everybody was busy inputting their song number in the videoke machine!

I cannot remember why we were laughing so hard but it must have been really funny!

Ohhh! That is what I will miss most about Pinky!!!! Super hilarious person! A hoot and a half!

Since it was also my birthday, they sang and let me blow the candle!

Tracy Tuason gave me the cake.

When we all get together, definitely, the following day my voice would be so hoarse either from too much singing or just too much laughing!

Even if Dra. Tricia served Pei Pa Koa and Gingerbon candies to soothe our throats, they were no match for our "noisy" gathering.

Hurry home, Pinky!

You haven't left yet but I miss you already!

I love you!!!

Have a fun vacation in L.A.!!!!



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