Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pancit Palabok

I have always been daunted by the thought of cooking Pancit Palabok.

The first time I tried it with the Junkies, it was alright because it was a group effort. It was a little time consuming though.

But today, I was able to experiment and it was so easy!!!!

Absolutely "almost" no sweat at all!

Hahahahaha well.... Of course you need a yaya but if you don't have one, it is still ok.

Pancit Palabok


heads of 1/2 K. Shrimps

3 C. Water

1 head garlic, crushed

1/2 C. Rice flour (NOT glutinous rice flour) dispersed in 1/4 C. Water

1 T. Achuete powder

1/4 C. Cooking oil

1/2 t. Salt

1/4 t. MSG

1/4 t. Pepper

2-3 T. Fish Sauce

Put the shrimp heads in the blender. Pulse for a few seconds then add water. Pulse again for 30 seconds for a few more times. Let it rest for 15 minutes and then strain.

Brown the garlic in oil then set aside for the Palabok topping.

Using the oil in which the garlic was browned, add the achuete powder.

Pour the strained shrimp stock.

Let it boil and season with salt, pepper, msg and fish sauce.

Thicken the sauce with the rice flour slurry.

Set aside.

Palabok Toppings:

Sliced boiled eggs

Chopped green onions

Boiled shrimps

Boiled pork, chopped

Toasted garlic

Crushed chicharon

Tinapa, flaked then toasted in an ungreased frying pan.


Boil water in a big stockpot.

Add 400-500 g. Bihon Q noodles.

Cook until the noodles are not firm anymore but not over cooked.

Drain and rinse under running water. Then drain again.

In a big bowl, mix the noodles and sauce together.

Transfer onto a serving platter.

Garnish with the Palabok toppings.

Serve with calamansi.


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