Sunday, July 5, 2015

Corry's Birthday Weekend!

It is the weekend before Corry's Birthday.

The Batgirls and "Batman" celebrated it with her.

I volunteered my cooking services.

One of Corry's request was the Sinigang na Liempo with lots of floating bits!!

While I was cooking it, I was on the phone with my Sinigang teacher, Mariger, who was on her way to Alabang Hills.

She said to boil the pork until it passes our standards.

Meaning, the skin and fat should dance to the tune of, "Wiggle it! Just a little bit!"

Ohhhh did it dance!!!!

She also asked me to cook Mayette's Chicken Adobo!

When my Adobo teacher (Mayette) arrived, I asked if I passed. She said, I did! Yay!

Since the Mama of Corry and Mona cannot eat what I cooked, there was Fried Hito fillet for her

With burong manga sauce.

Jing brought cake from Becky's!

It was Jon's birthday a few weeks ago and Mayette's is coming up next week.

I ate the icing and the honeycomb filling of the cake!!!

Ok! I also ate a small piece of the chocolate cake! I wanted to eat more! It is my favorite!!! But I controlled myself!

I went home with Corry last night.

Another one of her request was Prawn Tempura!

She brought home Matsusaka steak from Japan.

I cooked it over the stove top grill. Oh my!!!! It was so good and tender!

How tender was it??? It was like a hot knife cutting through butter!

I googled it and learned it has the highest grade of beef in Japan!

I assembled the Mango Kani Salad.

Mona cooked the Beef Sukiyaki.

Thank you, Corry for inviting us!

Happy birthday!


When I got to their house, she said her dog Maya was not feeling well and quite depressed.

I asked Maya why. She barked her reply to me and said....

"I hate my hair cut!"

She just came from the groomers the other day. I wonder whose idea was it to shave the top part!!

Maya was a bit embarrassed and did not want to face people.

I told her, "Don't be sad! It's just hair, you know! It will grow back!"


Jing and I went home together. We had snacks at Kettle, SM Aura.

It was our monthly date.

We ordered .....

Fries with Pork and truffle oil

Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken

It was a super dooper cheat day for me!



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