Friday, July 17, 2015

Boracay Getaway with my Childhood Friends (Part 2)

And then..... Pinky was in Boracay as well!

She just dropped off her backpack in the hotel and followed us at Puka Beach!

Let the 2015 Boracay Getaway begin!

We waited for the sunset

And swam until 7 pm! We were the last to leave the water.

On our way back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner, I asked to be dropped off so I could buy Choriburger from Manang Gina.

I cheated and ate wheat again! Take note! This is a very important part of my story.

We had dinner at Boracay Toilet.

One of the owners is the brother in law of Jodie.

Ohhh my! We had the time of our lives taking photos!

Remember, I'm with hilarious crazy people????

The food we ordered from the menu....

Kare-Kadire, Ni-Rolyong Gulay, Something Piss-y, LBM Burger, Utot-mo-ron and Fried Halo-haLOO.

Drinks for them and a drink for me at Epic.

These ladies had to have their dessert! Ok, I also had a small cone.

We went to the 24 hr. McDo Regency after "clubbing" at dawn!

Everybody went straight to their rooms to go to sleep. Too tired for the nightly chitchat.

Eileen and Dodai went to Antique by land after crossing the channel the next day. Eileen's parents were also on vacation and they went for a quick day trip visit.

I woke up to an excruciating abdominal pain! I felt so bloated and full of gas!

Remember the 2 choriburgers I ate two straight nights in a row?

The Revenge of the Wheat!

Dr. William Davis, author of The Wheat Belly, cautioned his followers about the consequences of wheat re-exposure. It already happened to me in Cebu several years ago when I ate Sylvannas but I did not learn my lesson. I figured, what could 2 buns of bread do to my body?!?!

Oh boy was I wrong and suffered the consequences. I could not keep anything down. How could it enter my system when it is blocked by gas?

My friends think I got sick because of eating too much fat due to my LCHF diet.... Or perhaps they thought I overate in Boracay. But how could I?! I was with health conscious people!!!

It could not have been the fat because I eat it everyday. My last wheat exposure was May 5!

I am not making this up! Check out The Wheat Belly blog:

I just accompanied Pinky to Willy's so she can have brunch. She ordered Thai Chicken Noodles. I wanted to order my favorite Pancit Bam-i but I could not possibly eat it! I only ordered green tea and banana.

It took me almost an hour to finish the fruit!

I told her to go swimming while I watch our bags at Willy's restaurant. I suddenly felt the tea and banana coming back up where it came from! I rushed to the ladies room and got violently ill.

When I got back to our table, there were 3 waiters guarding it because I left our bags!

One of reasons why I love Willy's Beach Hotel is their customer service. Even if I was not an in-house guest of the hotel, they still treated me as though I was.

Pinky came back, looked at me and said, "Lia, drink soda. It will help you feel better."

Yes!!! I immediately ordered Coke Zero! The Coke police was away!

When Pinky looked up from using her phone she laughed because meant for me to drink soda water!

I just love my new Dr.Pinky! My Enabler!

I felt so relieved after drinking the "soda". I burped and burped and burped!

Lhen is a friend from the Low Carb High Fat online group.

I dropped by her clinic to say, Hello! It was my first time to meet her in person! She is a dentist in Boracay!

Pinky and I had a very late lunch at Obama's grill. I only had the broth and vegetables of the Sinigang na Baboy and a small piece of fried chicken.

We went back to Puka Beach again!

While Pinky was swimming....

I looked up and saw something so magnificent!

Cloud formations that looked like Angel's Wings!

I do not know how to take a panoramic shot from my phone. I wish I could have shown you how long the span of the wings were. I probably only captured half of it.

Our last group dinner was at Spicebird Piri-Piri Grill at D'Mall.

Dodai ordered the Chicken Board and Mango Mint Shake, Eileen had the Shrimp Board, Pinky's was the Pork Board. Pity me (yes, self pity mode) only had the grilled Chicken Wings.

Dessert and Coffee at Zuzuni. They wanted coffee, as usual, and dessert.

Mati Chocolate Sin. I just had the very boring Vanilla ice cream.

And you think one dessert was enough for them?!?!

Of course not! 50% off at Tibraz Crepes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!

I could only look while Pinky was savoring the crepe.

If looks could kill, she would have been dead on the spot!

Hahahahaha Bitter much????

Last hurrah at Pat's Creek Bar. One shot each of Jaegermeister for them!

Waking up early is really one of my waterloos. I did not join them for surf appreciation.

The waves were huge and they were playing and frolicking like children.

It was time to go home. We did not want to leave yet!

What is it with Boracay that mesmerizes you and makes you want to come back again and again?

Why do we fall in love with it?

Why do we get addicted to Boracay? We cannot wait to get our next fix.

Dodai, Eileen and Pinky! My Enforcer, Nurturer and Enabler!

Thank you so much for making this an unforgettable Boracay Getaway!

I love you ladies!

Until our next vacation!







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